Month to Master

Learn anything in 30 days, with the help of an AI coach

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Hey PH! I'm excited to be launching the 'Month to Master' app today. Here's the story... Eight months ago, on November 1, 2016, I challenged myself to learn one expert-level skill every month for a year. Since then, I’ve become a grandmaster of memory, learned to draw realistic portraits, solved a Rubik’s Cube in 17 seconds, landed a standing backflip, played a five-minute improvisational blues guitar solo, held a 30-minute conversation in a foreign language, and built a self-driving car. I've personally found these monthly challenges energizing, fulfilling, and joyful, and I hope to share these kinds of experiences with you through the app. The app features an artificially intelligent coach, who guides you through your entire monthly learning pursuit via friendly, informed conversation within the app. You can read more about the app and my project here: I'd love to hear your feedback on the app, as well as what you would most want from an "AI learning coach". Thanks!
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@_maxdeutsch Hey Max, love your story behind MtM. Really exciting. I'll share it around.
@kbclauson Thanks, Kaben!
@_maxdeutsch very nice. I just listened to Matt Cutts on Ted Radio Hour. He allows himself the opportunity to explore new things in depth for 30 days. He thinks of something he always wanted to do in his life. Then he does it. It was an invite to do things he never dreamed of. I listened to the podcast thinking, it would be nice if you had someone to encourage you along the way. Thanks for providing a solution. I will have to check it out.
@greaterthan1000 Awesome! Thanks, Sam! I'll definitely check out Matt's podcast.
@greaterthan1000 Perfect! Thank you
@greaterthan1000 loved that episode!
Ah, I really wanted to give it a try! Unfortunately, it is not available for iPad nor Android ye :/ However, will keep it in mind when you decide to publish it on other platforms as well! So far thx for sharing with the PH community!
@coffeenframes Thanks, Kevin! The other platforms are a work-in-progress, but I needed to start somewhere... stay tuned!
@_maxdeutsch Will do! Make sure to tweet it :P so I can easy followup on you haha
@coffeenframes The best place for updates is probably my Medium
@coffeenframes do people really use iPads?
@markus_schuette yup haha working most of the time with my iPad Pro for digital work (graphic design,journaling and planning) My bag were never that light 😄 . However I agree with you most ppl just use it for media consumption (me included)
Cool App, Wish i had an iOS device
@vinit_agrawal1 set a goal to build your own iphone out of toothpicks in 30 days. ;P
@vinit_agrawal1 Thanks, Vinit! Android is currently a work-in-progress
@wuss Good idea :D
I really like this use of a conversational UI. Feels like a teacher in your pocket.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! That's the idea :)