App prototyping tool with user-generated component library

Montage is a rapid prototyping tool with a user-generated component library

Users can upload app screens they have designed, slice the screen into components, and then other users can use those components in their own designs!

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Hi Hunters! I built Montage to help people create app wireframes super quickly. It’s a combination of two concepts that are well-known in the design world - UI kits and Overrides. UI kits - these are large collections of small UI components (e.g. buttons, nav bars) that you import into your design tool. These are awesome for productivity but the only problem is you have to keep buying new ones to stay up to date. Montage solves this with a component library that is entirely user-generated. It’s beginning small with only 35 components, but I’m hoping people will start submitting more! Overrides - this is where you have a quick way to override text / photos in a previously-created design. Components in Montage support customization through an Override menu, meaning to change the text in a design is as simple as typing the text! Same goes for photos. And unlike other solutions, Montage is web-based and free to use for Public projects - a bit like Github. I’m really hoping to see a good balance of public and private projects on Montage. Excited to see what the world does with it!
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I am curious if you are constantly working month to month with a new product how you will add new components to existing ones? The story behind development of 12 startups in 12 months is great for press, but for your existing products not really
@dainiskanopa the point is to keep investing in the products that are proving themselves (with traction and revenue) and let those that resonate less fall back. Not to just launch something once and forget about it 12 times in a row. That would be a waste of a year.
I like it Jon good work.
Love this, could be used effectively also by non-designers to quickly prototype and share ideas. One suggestion: the first thing I've read was that I can upload a UI and then turn it into components, while I think the most appealing part is using pre-made components, override data and share, so I'd expect the landing page to focus on this, and then maybe mention later that you can upload an existing screen and turn it into components.
@linuz90 Yeah I think you're right! I'll reshuffle a bit on the landing page...
First thing I saw was this: Who are those people? What are the projects they are working on? Why should I care? That's strange. Anyway, nice project. Although it needs to contain much more components.