Monster Math 2

Common core math standards with monsters

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Roopesh ShenoyMaker@sqlhorror · CEO, makkajai
Hey all, I'm one of the developers working on Monster Math 2. First of all - we also have a freemium version for you to try out - Monster Math 2 is an arithmetic practice game - it has a lot of flexibility in terms of what skills you want to practice, plus an adaptive element that progressively increases difficulty as player shows proficiency in basic skills. Parents/teachers get to see how kids are doing via reports, in the app as well as via email. We built this with kids in mind - and have play-tested it with many kids to make it really fun. The mixing of different operations helps kids get more fluent, compared to straight up drill questions. Compared to Monster Math, Monster Math 2 has much better graphics, a platformer style game play, hilarious animations with a lot of details, custom-made music and sound, a completely unique style mixing pixel graphics and regular graphics. And it's coming soon in 7 different languages (launching with English and German), with more to follow. We've put in a lot of love and effort into making this - and we really hope kids everywhere love it too! :)
María Fernanda Rocha Ángeles@maria_fernanda_rocha_angeles
@sqlhorror Hi, I am Fernanda Rocha and I am part of a board of partners that we are trying to develop an application very similar to yours, but focused only on the latin market. So far we have not found any developer / programmer / designer who wants to take over the project. So I would like to know if you could develop something similar to what you already did, but for us.
Steve YoungHunter@stevepyoung · Founder @
Congrats to the team. I know the original Monster Math got a great reception and this should be a great sequel.
Roopesh ShenoyMaker@sqlhorror · CEO, makkajai
@stevepyoung :) Thanks Steve! :)
Krzysiek Wolski@krisix · Co-founder, Baked Games |
Monster hero looks great!
Roopesh ShenoyMaker@sqlhorror · CEO, makkajai
@krisix :) thank you. All thanks to our concept artist and art director, James Rumfelt (@cyberwyld)!