MonoRover R2

Two wheel smart self balancing scooter hoverboard thingy

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There are cheaper ones on Amazon that are essentially the same. I first saw this on Casey Neistat's vlog.
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@irvingtorresyc I ordered one of these Amazon ones a week ago, waiting for it to arrive. Can't wait.
@irvingtorresyc How many Producthunters watch Casey?
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You can buy an identical one from China for $200
@arintoker Some of them on Alibaba are scams, so be careful. Here's some on Aliexpress though:
Wow, just read some of the comments here and it appears this is just a white-labelled price hiked version of a cheaper Chinese build. This article explains this too: So, why did this hunt get so many up votes? When other products I've seen here built and launched locally don't get the same love. Rigged ranking?
I need one of these bad boys! There's some "brand name" ones that go for $1800 but you can find a good alternative on amazon for much less. These ones from MonoRover are available at a much more reasonable price and have some pretty good reviews. Saw one in the mall the other day. I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot of these hoverboard mini-segway thingies over the next few months. Wired wrote an interesting piece on how these things went viral here >
There are a slew of these things that have garnered some kind of attention. Most of these companies, not sure about this one, are not developing the product yet in any way, they are just ordering it from China and marking it up and selling it here. They might order it with the better battery (a samsung battery that is a little larger and will last longer than the standard chinese one they put in) and stronger independent motors to "differentiate" themselves. Casey Neistat did a good job exposing the fact that you should just order from the source.. Even with shipping from China, same product way cheaper.