Monopoly for Millennials

Forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway

get it

Who needs real estate when you can buy experiences? To win, collect the most experiences, whether it's a week long meditation retreat or a trip to an artisan coffe shop.

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Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Edward Woodcock
Edward Woodcock@iamfledge · Tech Co-Founder @ GetDinghy
@chrismessina And an emoji
Evan Petrack
Evan Petrack@petrev01 · People Researcher; Loves GIS & Data
Am I the only one here on PH who finds this funny? I mean...yeah the economic reality sucks. But if I wasn't able to laugh at things like the impending student debt crisis, I don't know how I would be able to deal.
Andrea Hernández
Andrea HernándezHunter@iiiitsandrea · Founder, Pretty Eats
@petrev01 I find it hilarious, but then again I’m not an American and have crippling debt. 😵
Cody@rdbrdd · Founder of Redbearded
Nope. It is hilarious. This game looks like it was made from distilled millennial tears and its awesome!
Andy Cook
Andy Cook@andygcook · Cofounder -
Interestingly, Monopoly was originally called the “Landlord’s Game.” It was created by Lizzy Magie to teach people about the injustice of land ownership and wealth inequality. Looks like we’ve come full circle
Andrea Hernández
Andrea HernándezHunter@iiiitsandrea · Founder, Pretty Eats
Nothing says 2018 quite like seeing the toy company you grew up loving, mocking your generation so hard.
Nick Walter
Nick Walter@nickchuckwalter · Teaching code the fun way.
Haha ohhhh boy