Monkey Test It

Automated website testing by clever monkeys 🐡

#1 Product of the DayMarch 11, 2016
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Monkey Test It is the only way to summon a troop of specially bred fully automated website testing monkeys to your website. They check for common mistakes like broken JS , dead links and the like. To top it off they have a slack plugin too.
We want to Monkey Test a site that has a log-in page, is there anyway to get the service to recognise and to log-in with an account we could set up for it?
@gregjwww Thanks for giving it a shot! We're currently working on adding a "custom http headers" feature. Would that cut it for you?
@jesperht That'd be work great. Looking forward to it.
@jesperht @gregjwww I am up for it. How can I help? Looking to test
@clockitio Appreciate it! Give me a shout at and we'll hook you up with early access for this feature. (it's still in beta)
How long does it usually take?
@bentossell Its automated and it depends on the size of the site. I checked it on my blog with about 5 posts and on a static site with no more than 3 pages. It seemed to take about 25-30 seconds. Will be adding the makers as soon as i get their twitter handles they will be able to answer in a better way i guess :)
@h_halvi @bentossell Spot on response - exactly right. Testing time depends completely on how complex the site is, and how much the monkeys need to scrutinize.
@jesperht @h_halvi so give us the detail on these monkeys :)
@bentossell Sure! We've got a custom built Blink (chrome) based browser in the background doing all of the actual testing. Our monkeys are all written in JavaScript - otherwise the stack is pure Python/Flask. Luckily we built Monkey Test It with scalability in mind, so handling the PH load has been a matter of just spinning up more servers. Today we brought up 8 more to handle the huge hug you've given us 🐡
@jesperht could you share a little more about your infrastructure and scalability? Sounds interesting πŸ€“
Thanks for posting. Creator here - happy to answer any questions here or on twitter.
Apologies for any long wait times! We're piling on more servers to handle the load.
@jesperht Kiss of Product Hunt it is :P :)