Get called when your website is down

πŸ‘‰ We'll check your site every single minute from around the world.
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πŸ“ž Get notified by email, SMS text or phone call on any downtime!
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🌍 Get insights on your website's global load speeds.
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πŸšͺ Find out when your site is down before your customers!
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14 Reviews5.0/5
πŸ‘‹ Greetings Product Hunters! First of all, thank you so much @chrismessina for hunting us 😻 I salute your efforts in raising awareness about crafting a responsible, reliable and safe Internet. I am Lucian, founder of Monitive. After 10 years in the uptime monitoring business, I learned a lot about downtime, outages and page response times. So three years ago I decided to rewrite our service from scratch, aiming for a simple to use service that all site owners can count on be notified of downtime and even world-wide latency issues. We live in a world of notifications and distractions, in which an outage notification when one's site goes down made owners overcautious with their phone. Monitive was built in such a way, that you can safely ignore your phone and focus on your business or your personal life - if something serious happens with your website, we promise to let you know, even if it means calling you! πŸ“ž I envision our users mindfully working on their business πŸ“ˆ or enjoying a cocktail 🍹 on the beach with their friends, assured that if anything serious is going on with their website, we'll let them know. ✨ Moving forward, I'm aiming at adding open-source community plugins for all the upcoming features, because I value transparency and collaboration. Every day businesses are moving online and going global, and we learned that (1) all websites go down and that (2) downtime is really bad for business. Sign up through the Website link on Product Hunt ☝🏼 to get to try it one month for free and a 20% discount off your first payment πŸ’Έ. I'm grateful for this day, I encourage you to give it a try, and I truly hope you find it useful. I'm eager to get your thoughts and feedback about our brand new uptime monitoring service. ✨ Thank you! πŸ™πŸΌ
This is one of those great but understated apps that everyone who sells anything through their website should get. Stupidly simple to set up, cost effective, and a great insurance policy!
Now this is really useful. Thanks Monitive!
@andreim123 Thank you Andrei!
I'm using Monitive since ... forever! It's truly peace of mind as a service.
@alin_tuhut1 Wow, "peace of mind as a service". I love how that sounds πŸ’™ Happy we're able to provide that ✨
We've been using this product in-house for a while now and have come to rely on it. It's dead easy to set up and super reliable, always notifying us about issues with our website before our customers see them. Over the last year or so we've used the detailed stats it provided to pinpoint and then fix our more persistent issues, massively reducing the overall monthly downtime for the site. Thanks!!
@opsmatters_uk I'm honored to hear it serves its purpose to make the Internet a better place! Thank you for your support πŸ™