Open-source CRM to keep track of your friends and family

Monica is an open-source personal CRM - or Personal Relationship Management system.

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Founder here. Thanks for posting this small project of mine to Product hunt. I'm actually surprised by the reaction of the community. I built this tool for me primarily as I struggled to keep track of the lives my loved ones, especially since I live abroad and far away from my friends and family. So far it helped me, especially for the reminders of the birthdays of my friends kids. I could have used an old fashioned calendar but well, as an amateur developer, you can't help but create yet another app. So I did, exactly a year ago. I've thought of giving up about a thousand times because I thought that it was useless - then I tried the product myself for real and as I saw some benefits, I continued working on it. I just posted that link on Hacker News yesterday for fun and the reaction has been amazing. People seem to need this which makes me super happy. The repository on GitHub also seems to gain quite some traction quickly. What can I say. Thank you all for giving me more motivation to move forward with this. I think the first steps are to solve the many many bugs the community has found (it's crazy to see how many bugs you have and you don't encounter when you are your only user), create an importer and build an API. Then, we'll see. Thanks for the upvote, and for trying the product. Regis
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@djaiss bien joué 😄 is there a mobile app scheduled ?
@jpvalery merci :-D It wasn't until yesterday where people really asked for it. Priority now will be to do an API to allow the mobile app to be created.
@djaiss Since it's open source (I just assume the API would be), I'm sure folks here would love to help! :)
@djaiss Looks very cool! Any chance you could modify/make something similar for professional relationships?
I'm pretty bad at putting in the effort to even put appointments in my calendar nevermind trying to manage my personal network with details - but I'd love to be that kind of person! I'm just not 😔 (yet anyway) Back in January @rrhoover mentioned he wanted to build a CRM for his personal relationships: And I believe he hacked together a solution from Airtable 2.0 (which i use too) But this CRM software is built for maintaining personal relationships. The examples given: You know all those birthdays you forget? And when you last called your grandmother? When you last had coffee with that ex-colleague? Who did you lend that book to again? Do you remember the names of kids of the people you care about? Their birthdates? Or even the name of the significant other? Monica lets you remember them easily. Monica will remind you by email every important dates about each one of your contact. It can be about an anniversary, or to simply go out with your friend. Monica lets you record all the activities you’ve done with your friends, sorted by categories. You’ll always remember the last time you’ve done something with someone. Manage significant others - (I think better wording should be put here 😬 cc @djaiss ) Manage food preferencies Important dates about someone Reminders by emails Todos and tasks about someone Gifts management Record activities done with someone Information about the children
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@bentossell @rrhoover @djaiss 'Manage significant others' to 'Manage friends and family' (or friends and loved ones). Of course, 'manage' is a less than perfect word in this context as well.
@wmpitcher I'm sorry for this poor choice of words. Definitely a non native speaker error here. I'll change the marketing site next week - and I'll make it proof read by a native speaker.
@djaiss No need to apologize at all. I was just responding to @bentossell with alternate wording. It wasn't even something I saw directly.
When we are in 2017 and need CRM to maintain relationships with our loved ones. 😶
@marekdlugos yes, in 2017, when people are actually moving from one country to another really often, making it super hard to keep track of those friends in different countries, friends you care deeply about, but don't see every day, every month or even every year, but matters a lot nonetheless :-D This is my reality, but I can see how it might be criticized.
@marekdlugos We don't need one, but it makes it easier. What's wrong with that?
@djaiss been trying to fill my need for this for years !!
Like @rrhoover I was looking for a personal CRM and didn't find one. I also use Airtable as a personal CRM and it works well, but it's not built for personal relationships like @bentossell said. I am going to try and see if it works for my needs or not. Right now, the lack of mobile app might become a problem in the future if i use it a lot.
@mrcalexandre @rrhoover yeah being able to update on the go would be key!
@mrcalexandre @rrhoover @bentossell I agree that the lack of mobile app is an issue. This has been raised a lot on the massive Hacker News thread ( The first things I'm going to focus on are importing capabilities, then API, then mobile.
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@mrcalexandre I have been using they are great! Not sure if that's what you are looking for.
@mrcalexandre @rrhoover @bentossell Hey Alexandre, take a look at if you want a mobile app for a similar thing. Sounds like Régis is still working on an API for this and when it's ready I'll definitely tie into it so you won't have to re-enter any data later on.
@djaiss love this idea. I've been complaining to my co-founders for years that there isn't a P(ersonal)RM app. Glad to see someone put in the effort to build one. One of the things I've always thought about is how helpful facebook (it's data, at least) could be in helping here - Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as well. I'm terrified to ask some of my friends when their birthday is, because, I should know by now... Have you thought about making some of the logging/input more automatic? My worry is, if I can't prioritize the little things for my Friends, can I expect myself to worry about inputting details for everyone? Would love to hear your thoughts here
@i_am_brennan Hi! Yeah of course I've thought about it. This is the next natural move that you can think of as soon as you try the application. However, I struggle with the idea. I mean, the whole point of the application is to strengthen the relationships with the people you really care about. Not your 1000 contacts in Google Contacts for instance. This is why I didn't write an importer at this time - I thought that it was better to add contacts one by one and really investigate about the persons you are adding - rather than importing 1000 contacts in a row - then what? Go one by one and add data? I ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I struggle with the idea but I also get that people want to import a lot of data right away. I'll do an importer definitely.
@djaiss oh totally! I was thinking it would be less about importing all of you contacts and more about filling their profile with rich data. Might even want to limit the amount of people in the tool to 100 to force it to be about real people you care about. I think the key to these type of apps will be helping the user reach out in genuine ways.