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Very nice! I love seeing good tools designed for habit forming.
UPDATE: Looks like all the Product Hunt and Reddit traffic crashed the server. Use direct link to App Store instead: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... Hey Product Hunters! I built Momentum because I wasn’t satisfied with any of the current habit trackers on the App Store. Coming from tracking habits in spreadsheets, I found the available apps to be too cluttered and with a lack of focus on your actual progress. Momentum is dead simple - With a quick glance on your wrist you’ll instantly know if you’re on track towards achieving your goals. It’s this simplicity that sets Momentum apart from the other habit trackers. The watch app works seamlessly with the iPhone app and the Today widget. There’s also a Mac app in the works Feel free to ask me anything. Also let me know if you've got suggestions on how to improve the app. I really appreciate all feedback.
@matmaeh This is probably the best use case for me should I had one (wearing last watch some 15yrs ago, just dont like any jewelery). Will be interesting to watch - how & where these 'day long/ habit changing focus notifications' evolve. Love the simplicity! Good luck guys, Martin
@mskakala Thanks Martin! The Watch app is meant to be supplementary to Momentum for iPhone, and does make some aspects of the app more accessible (especially checking off habits from notifications). The iPhone app is fully capable on its own though :)
@matmaeh will try it, and give you guys feedback. Can't believe you just made me physicaly excercise ;-).
@mskakala Awesome ! Keep us posted :)
@matmaeh Hi Mathias, thanks for this! I'm a fellow chaotic being. It would be crazy cool if it connected with iHealth and deduced completions. If I just ran, boom show me the green. If I entered healthy food on another diet log and it connects info with ihealth, mark eating vegetables as complete too. Thanks again for the app!