Delightful habit tracker for iOS 8 with Today view widget

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This reminds me a lot of earlier versions of Lift/ before it transitioned to a coaching platform. Excited to play with this
This might be exactly what I've been hoping someone would build! @rrhoover and I were recently talking about this. I want a habit tracker that incorporates automatic reminders and a thread of journaling for each habit. I can't tell from the landing page whether habits get their own journal thread, or if it's more of a note on each checkin. What I'm looking for is snowballing notes, thoughts on a topic, etc to encourage (and make it easier to see) personal growth as opposed to "just" habits. Anyone know?
@rrhoover @staringispolite Thanks Jonathan! You can write notes for specific habits on specific days. Right now they're only visible in today overview, although a separate thread of journaling for each habits has been requested by other people as well. It is easily implemented and I can add that in the next iteration Cheers!
@rrhoover @staringispolite If you use this I want to know in a month if you're still using it.
@rrhoover @mathiasmaehlum Awesome! Please reach out when that feature is in, and I'll test drive it
@staringispolite check out Way of Life. Horrible name, but one of the better habit tracked I've found. Has all the notes stuff you need. Way of Life - The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker by Lars Arendt
Exactly the tool I was looking for. Simple and efficient!
@nicomage Glad you liked it Nico! Let me know if you've got feedback or feature requests :)
I'm currently using Timeful for what I might have used this for. In Timeful, you can say "I want to learn Swift 4 times/week for 2 hours" or "I want to Read for 90 minutes, 3 times a week" and it will find time for you to do it. What would be interesting to see in Momentum is something that might help me manage my goals. If I could set a goal and then add a few habits I need to do every day (or a few times per week) that would lead to achieving that goal. That would be awesome. Goal: Lose 10 pounds Habit - Exercise 3x per week for 30 minutes Habit - Avoid sugar 4x days per week Momentum looks cool as it is and I'm looking forward to seeing how it can fit into my current productivity routine. Congratulations on your launch. @mathiasmaehlum
@felixog_ Thanks for the feedback Felix! I like your suggestion. Let me think a little about it and get back to you :)
@felixog_ I definitely see the value in being able to connect multiple habits to a goal of some sorts. I played around with something similar to that idea in the beginning, or rather connecting one habit to multiple goals (and Momentum would use those goals when reminding you to do your habits - e.g. remember to exercise today because "I want to lose 10 pounds") The tricky part is to implement these features and still keep the UI clean and straightforward… Before I created Momentum I used to track my habits using a good old Excel spreadsheet. Super simple and still very useful. It’s kind of that simplicity I wanted to put in the app. This is the Landscape mode in Momentum (not sure if anybody discovered it yet - forgot to put it in the screenshots). It works just like my old spreadsheet and it’s what I use every day :) Thanks again for the feedback Felix. It’s noted and I’ll look how to integrate something like that in the near future :)
@mathiasmaehlum That's awesome, I'm looking forward to it.
This looks pretty cool! I'm a sucker for these kind of apps. Curious - are the same people who made the Momentum Chrome extension behind this?
@mccauley_jay New app new people :)