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    with a product like this that comes with an experience a good customers Service Plans as well as planned out issue resolutions are a must ..


    I placed an order and for what ever reason I got a product that was below standards but stuff like this happens I understand . Not a big deal. till this very moment it hasn’t been resolved yet nor do I even have a confirmation email. Being the type of product your company supplies to the public, requires having a close and truly concerning attitude when it comes to customer care. It’s a dealbreaker if you ask me. When I purchased a design and not a single one of the copies I bought looks right or even wants to stay on as a whole piece... this turns the experience that you are trying to sell to me the customer from excited and upbeat to disappointing and irritating, something that i was excited about doing quickly turned into a task that now seems like was a bad decision from the start and almost chore like trying to fix. Now put ontop of that, that even after all this I went ahead and reached out to get this issue resolved and even till this very moment over a week after initial contact of concern I have not recieved the product nor have I even received the confirmation email of shipment, even though the customer service team member continues to reassure me not to worry... over all very disheartening for a product that is meant to bring a smile to a person to end up feeling more like a regret

    Waseem Elhelw has used this product for one day.


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steve sarner@stevesarner · Goodreads - an Amazon company
This sounds like a great idea - very eager to check it out !
Jordan DennyMaker@jordanrossdenny · Founder, Momentary Ink
@stevesarner thanks so much!!
Andrew TorbaHunter@torbahax · CEO, #SpeakFreely
I found this product yesterday on Technically Philly. As someone with real ink I think this is a great idea for those who might be exploring their next tattoo or maybe their first. Can't wait to try out a few different ideas I've been working on for my next tat!
Jordan DennyMaker@jordanrossdenny · Founder, Momentary Ink
@torbahax yes, we've had similar input from friends that have ink already. Looking forward to seeing your designs!
Lou Donnelly-Davey@lou_donnelly_davey · HO Marketing @timely
Yes yes yes! I'm too wuss to get a real tatt but I could defo do this ! ... off to take a look :)
Jordan DennyMaker@jordanrossdenny · Founder, Momentary Ink
@louiseqtnz here for all the "wusses" out there :)
Lou Donnelly-Davey@lou_donnelly_davey · HO Marketing @timely
Jordan DennyMaker@jordanrossdenny · Founder, Momentary Ink
@louiseqtnz perhaps you've inspired a new headline
Dan Gray@dan_e_gray · Minimum Viable Person
Nice idea - two comments: 1) It would be great to know WHY they're so realistic? What's the technology and research that went into developing the material? Why is it superior to other transfers? Right now the only explicit value is that it's a custom print transfer service. 2) The text on your 'About Us' page runs off the page on smaller screens (MBA 11").
Jordan DennyMaker@jordanrossdenny · Founder, Momentary Ink
@dan_e_gray thanks for submitted us! I'm in genuine awe at the feedback/up-votes!! To answer your questions: 1) The 2 biggest values are: (1) it's a custom tattoo transfer and (2) it looks incredibly realistic. I tested 20+ manufacturers (from CA to London to Australia) of transfer paper, adhesive, sealers, matting agents and all combos in-between to find a combo that looks real and is somewhat durable. Our transfers don't last any longer than say, Tattly, but they do look very real due to the extra lengths we've gone to. I'm pumped to take this further in the future though; We're working on developing a proprietary process very soon. 2) I will get someone on that text runoff - thanks for the head's up :) Again, thanks to all of you who up-voted. This is really incredible and I'm sooooo excited by the positive vibes we're getting!!! Let me know if you have anymore questions (not sure how Product Hunt actually works)
Walter Reid@walterareid · Product
Love this idea - Definitely interested in trying it.
Jordan DennyMaker@jordanrossdenny · Founder, Momentary Ink
@walterareid thanks so much! The positive feedback has been amazing/encouraging!!