Moment Case

iPhone Case for Mobile Photography

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I've been a user of the Moment Lenses (both wide and tele) for awhile, and they've really made my mobile photography better. The new case, which makes it easier to use the lenses and introduces a couple features, including a special shutter button, brings back some of the functionality that I've missed in mobile photography. I'm excited to use the case once it's ready.
Moment is going hard to own the integrated hardware software experience for mobile photography. I think the vision is clear now. Their audience is aspirational photographers (pretty much anyone with a phone who wants to be better) and even professionals/hobbyists who recognize they always have a great phone in their pocket. When Moment released their iPhone app a few months ago, I did not understand why. VSCOCam seems like the leader for professional photo software on the phone. Now I get it. Through integration, they can deliver the best experience period.
@eric3000 indeed. the integration between lenses, app, and case will be pretty interesting.
Thanks everyone. Really excited about this next step for Moment. We're just getting started. :-)
@marcbarros When is the Moment selfie stick coming?
@marcbarros any plans to make a 6+ case? I'd buy one right now!
Moment's attention to detail and commitment to product excellence stands out amongst the other schlock in the iPhone accessory business. Can't wait for this!