The Moleskine Smart Notebook is a Creative Cloud connected sketchbook. Draw your artwork, capture it with the CC Moleskine app and voilà, it turns into an editable JPEG image!

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I love how the lines are blurring between reality and the virtual.
@chrismessina Did you see it on UnCrate :)?
This is pretty interesting. It's also worth mentioning Mod Notebooks ( for folks interested in the digitalization of physical notebooks.
@calebrown not great experiences there so far -- your notebook ends up being trapped inside their app, there are performance issues, etc.
@saranormous super sorry to hear that. I've had the opposite experience. I never want to use another notebook ever again.
Pretty bummed I can't try this. The app requires an adobe creative cloud account to sign in but offers no way to create one in the app :/ edit: I made an account by following the link. The app itself is pretty unpolished and needs a lot of work.
Unfortunately, have tried the app and it's not very good...doesn't handle shadows on paper etc. at all, doesn't recognize what areas of the page are interested, so the processed SVGs are super messy. Hopefully it's a little better with the moleskine paper notebook -- would love to hear from someone who has used
This is very cool, would be great to have a marketplace on top of it