Mojo Men

The video platform for reliable erections.

We are the world's first video platform for reliable erections.
Our product connects men suffering with erection issues (now 30% of men by the age of 30) with world class professional help to diagnose and rehabilitate remotely. No pills needed!
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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community & Sales @ Product Hunt ⚡️
I see a lot of products for women around talking about sex, but not necessarily for men. We see plenty of erection medicine, but not a focus on how mental work can help the issue. Very cool you've created this platform.
@jacqvon thank you very much. Talking about problems getting it up doesn’t come naturally to any man but oh boy it feels good!
Founder of Division 77
I know of another video platform that provides reliable erections... Oh come on we were all thinking it! 🤣
@mickc79 haha - we will actually be launching our Porn section later this week. And you will be glad to hear it is not all doom and gloom as sometimes the press depicts it to be. Stay tuned!
We have built what we wished we had had when we were struggling. All the information and support men and their partners need in one place. Delivered in high quality video content that aims to recreate as close to the authentic experience of visiting a professional as possible. No more trawling forums and theorising what might be wrong. Instant access to expert support to help men when they feel their most isolated and vulnerable. This is what we would have wanted but we would love to know what you think you would value most if you were looking for answers? Is it important the support is pre-recorded and remote? Would you like a buddy/mentor system? Do you want to speak to the experts one on one? We would really appreciate any feedback you have, whether you have suffered with erection issues or not! Thank you.
Excellent work!
@frederickhickman1 thank you my friend - means a lot coming from a talented product manager such as yourself!
I think it's great that there is eventually a option to help with erectile dysfunction that isn't viagra. This is genuinely a great long term solution that isn't going to impact my health!