Turn your Evernote, Dropbox & Google Drive into Mind Maps!

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Lets get @mohiomap in here for a chat!
Hi All, this is Christian - I'm the founder of Mohiomap. We're exited to be on Product Hunt! :) Happy to answer any questions! Let me know any feedback - we're counting on it to further improve Mohiomap, Thanks! Christian
@acondurache great to hear, thanks Andrew! Cheers, Christian
I tried to use this last week but fell into overwhelm - I'm keen to learn how to make it work with over 5k notes in EN!
@helencrozier the more notes, the better ;) Actually, it depends a bit on how you are using Evernote, e.g. currently it works best if you tag your notes. Also the use of separate notebooks helps. With too much content it might get overwhelming, though. Have you tried our filters to reduce the amount of notes/files shown? Thanks, Christian