Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform, built for the mobile-first world. With AI-powered automation, optimization capabilities, and in-built analytics MoEngage enables hyper-personalization at scale across multiple channels.
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@bentossell You generally see the pushback, if these interactions aren't personalized based on the user profile, behaviour and the context. The common piece of feedback that we have observed from our data is that people un-install the app / opt-out of these interactions. Personalisation, timing and the frequency are the major parameters which drive positive / negative impact for the interactions. In-fact we founded MoEngage to solve this very problem, as a user myself I get annoyed with notifications that aren’t relevant. Our data supports this as well, personalized push notifications (through our recently launched Smart Triggers) and other form of interactions can drive click-through-rates to upto 45%, driving higher single-digit conversion rates (purchases in-case of commerce companies).
@raviteja2007 Maybe I'm just not that sort of shopper. I don't think this would be effective on me personally. I used to run Social Media Ads for large Telecomms companies and I was always shocked at who was clicking through and purchasing, through paid ads and re-targeting especially. We tested out something similar to this and I can't remember if we saw any significant data but we didn't continue using them. That being said, Homepage takeovers and interstitial ads are becoming more prevalent so maybe people are warming up to them. Like I said, I'm not this kind of shopper, and neither were the people who I used to work with running the ads. But we had considerable budget every single month, so obviously there are people out there that these work on!
@raviteja2007 Would like to connect. Dropped you an email.
For products like this I imagine there can be some pushback from the users receiving these notifications/pop-ups/emails. @raviteja2007 what is the most common piece of feedback you have received from users who did not want to see these? I'm interested in how moengage plans/is going to overcome these issues.
What would be its advantages over Localytics, which we are currently using for Push, In-App and Email targeting
@das_vicky Thanks Gaurav for the question, I'm the CEO of MoEngage. MoEngage platform brings the personalization of interactions (push, in-app and emails) to user-level (than just segment level) with our Smart Triggers ( We also have the most advanced real-time segmentation capabilities where you can segment users based on Acquisition data, Un-installs, Push / In-app Campaign performance, etc. with no limitations on events, segmentation levels, etc. We have good number of customers, who moved from Localytics. I would be happy to have a chat with you to understand your current challenges, please email me at raviteja[at]moengage[dot]com.
how is that different compared to the fluke of personalized notifications services out there?
@raviteja2007 all examples I saw on your website are from e-commerce platforms. Do you have any case studies for productivity apps?
@isss111 thanks for asking. Though we don't have case-studies for Productivity apps, I would love to have a chat with you and discuss use-cases solving retention challenges and driving usage. Please email us at hello[at]moengage[dot]com.