An ever changing desk for your ever changing needs

Modulos is a new concept of furniture, made to bring a fresh new take into the concept of a work surface. Fully made out of Croatian oak hard wood, each desk assembled has its own unique character provided by the material. But what makes it stand out is that you assemble your own surface, making it fully customizable to your needs and upgradeable.

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If LEGO made a desk. 👏🏼
@rrhoover hey Ryan! Glad you like it! Yeah, you could say LEGO was a huge influence, but they have been on all of my work in my life. Ahh, remembering the good times when I was a kid playing with those for hours... :)
Check out our newest update where we outline the super cool process of making this beauty :)
BTW, we had a Mashable editor come over to check Modulos out in person. In his words: "I visited Modulos in their Zagreb office to check out the project in person, and came out with a sudden desire to purchase a modular desk — something I've never thought of before." :) Check it out:
super useful!
@janegale1 thanks Jane! That was exactly the idea behind Modulos :)
This is amazing!
@zingerlouisa Thanks so much - I love it when we get comments like this :)