Module Dress Socks

Athletic-grade, premium dress socks with a modern design

Module's team calls themselves sock engineers, and they have created the ultimate dress sock - 15 thoughtful and innovative features into the body of premium dress socks, giving them athletic-grade performance, long-lasting durability, and supreme comfort.
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Hi everyone, I know what you're thinking, what... another sock company?! Read on... Many socks often have a singular feature, such as silver, footbed support, durability, or a cool/fun design. We realized that we couldn't find high-performing, high-quality dress socks with a modern design, in a single sock with an affordable price. To quote LOTR - the one "sock" to rule them all. We were able to iterate and after a few prototypes we are excited to share the Module Dress Socks with the community. Our user testing has gone well and we're currently on Kickstarter with a special discount. Each bundle was designed to last either a week, 2 weeks, or a month and we hope that these high-tech socks can help simplify and enhance your life. A bit about my background: I joined a Fortune 500 company after getting my MBA at Duke University and after 4 years working in Pharma I quit my job 3 weeks ago to work on Module full time. Our company's vision: to create an apparel technology brand for men and women that are thoughtfully engineered with the latest textile technologies with beautiful, modern designs. If you have any questions or feedback, please do comment, thanks!