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Hi Product Hunt! I built Modern Atlas around the use case of planning trips and exploring new places. It maps out millions of guides and places from Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, and OpenStreetMaps, and gives you the freedom to craft custom maps and trips tailored to your interests. I'm the solo designer/developer, so feel free to ask me anything! eric@modernatlas.co
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@ericrwolfe @modernatlas Cool stuff!! Congrats! I'll give it a try on my next trip.
@edalarconreal Thanks! Let me know if you have any feedback!
@ericrwolfe @modernatlas This is really cool! I love it. You guys should try if you can to integrate VR/AR to visualize these locations. That would be f** amazing but also probably very hard to do especially without budget. But if you can find a great partner in that field, you can make it happen.
Android? Android? Android, please!!! :-P
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@cataplines if the app does well on iOS I'll definitely bring it to Android! Anything that the app solves that you really want to see on Android?
@ericrwolfe It looks like a neat app with all the information handy and geolocated, which is great specially for those who don't like to plan and just head into a new country and see what is around them. For me it would be particularly great, because I am traveling by bicycle around the world!
@cataplines That's awesome! One of the big things I want to add (I'm a big hiker) is the ability to draw in route lines on the maps
@ericrwolfe there's a whole user base you're not tapping into. Everyone seems excited about it already! Make it happen while the desire is strong! Pllleeeeaaase :D
I recently saw this featured on by Apple. for those of use who love to travel, and/or have map fetishes, Modern Atlas lets you wander around the planet, browsing new places to discover, before you take off jet plane...
@ryanm Thanks for the hunt Ryan!
How does this not have more upvotes?
@paul_hq Haha good question! What is it about the app that's most compelling to you?
@paul_hq all the product hunters are napping.
@ryanm @paul_hq All the travelers be traveling
Awesome app! Was just in SF for WWDC and used it to keep track of amazing restaurants! Fun way to explore new places and highlight places to visit.
@iamkgn Really glad your liking it David!