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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 06, 2019

Moderation is an alternative to the traditional calorie counting apps such as MyFitnessPal. It focusses on making it as quick 🔥 and easy as possible to track what you eat, and also provides insights 🚀 based on your eating habits.

🔑 We also have a strong stance on privacy. We don't require an account, and we don't show any ads.

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I love this, can you please please please make an Android version?! 😍 EDIT: just tried to download this on my iPad to test it out but it’s not available in my country, Austria :/ I don’t understand why an app like this cannot be available globally. I would understand it if the food database was specific to a certain country but there is no food database.
@anna_0x Hi Anna - once we reach enough users to justify developing an Android version, we definitely plan on doing so! At the moment we are just seeing if the market agrees with us with our approach. We've only been on the App Store a few months and the App is still very much an MVP in our eyes so we limited the countries initially to try and gather some feedback, and then release more widely when we have a fully featured product. I've just turned on Austria so you should be able to download it in a few hours (once Apple's servers propagate the information)
@1337domz great, it is available now! Honestly, I still don’t understand how limiting which countries have access to the app helps with the early feedback. More countries means more chances for feedback, am I wrong? Anyhow, I really like the app! I’ve been looking for something simple that allows me to simply log wheather or not my meals were healthy. The “Noom” app used to do something similar years ago (green, yellow and red foods) but they don’t anymore so I was left with only the over complicated alternatives. Some feedback: * multiple snacks are a must. I really don’t know any one person that only eats a single snack per day 😛 I read in your FAQ that you are planning to add this though. * I log a meal and an emoji gets assigned to it. I log another meal and the emoji of the first meal changes as well. Why is that? IMO it’s just unnecessarily confusing. * how about adding a way to log the size of the meal? Small, medium, large? For example, a small unhealthy snack (e.g. a fun sized piece of candy) shouldn’t count as much as a huge omelet and salad for breakfast.
@anna_0x Sorry, I probably didn't explain very well. My main reasons for holding back a wider release were: • Initial fears that the App doesn't have enough functionality, or people needing an on boarding experience, or other unknowns, that might result in the app being reviewed poorly and rated poorly in the App Store. I first launched it in just the UK, then I opened it up to other larger English speaking countries as the downloads from the UK were quite small. • I wasn't sure of the translation expectations from customers where English isn't the native language. Looking at competitors to my apps, they all have a multitude of translations and this was some complexity I wanted to avoid early on • Some worries about having to deal with support from countries where I don't speak the native language I'm not saying they are rational, they probably aren't! Some great feedback. The emoji changing all the time is an annoyance and something I plan on fixing. It's just an outcome of the way the entire UI is refreshed when things are changed, and those emoji's are just picked randomly. I hadn't really thought about the meal size functionality (it seems obvious now you've mentioned it!), so I've added that onto our list of feature ideas as well. Thanks! Dom
@1337domz fantastic, glad to hear that! Ok, I hadn't thought about all those things and now understand why you chose to have a limited release. As I've never made an app, let alone submitted it to any App Store, I had not thought about all those things you mentioned but it actually does make sense. By the way, I'd be happy to translate the content of the app for free (there's not much text anyway 😛) into German and Greek so let me know if you're considering localization. Wish you the best of luck and hope to see the App in the Google Play Store soon!
Hi everyone - thanks for dropping by and checking out my app. I created Moderation to solve a few issues I had with apps aimed at helping you track what you eat: • Most of them are painful to use for anyone who appreciates good design. They have bad design patterns, lots of cruft, and ultimately they want to keep you in the app as much as possible so your eyeballs are on ads 👀. With Moderation my goal has been to minimise the amount of time you spend in the app. Logging food is one tap, and the home screen on the app has little distraction, so you only explore the insights or other parts of the app when you want to. I plan on making it even easier to log what you eat, with interactive notifications and watch and Siri integrations. • Most of the apps in this space are very good at taking your data and using it for nefarious purposes. Understandably there is a lot of value in health related data with insurance companies and food and supplement companies being examples of ones that would pay for this data. MyFitnessPal were caught up in another privacy scandal just a few days ago involving their Facebook integration. With Moderation my focus was to take the data the app collects, and try and provide useful insights back to the user. We don't require an account to be created, so all your data stays on you device, and we will never show ads. If you have any questions give me a shout? Thanks Dom
Nice concept @1337domz and thanks for making Moderation. Are there any premium subscription plans in the works as I understand your app won't be displaying ads? How are you planning to sustain this interesting nutrition app please?
@angeloe Great question! The plan is to eventually monetise through a subscription model, however I don't believe in crippling the core experience (by reducing features or showing ads) as a way of achieving this, so we will use a simple guiding principle when deciding if a feature would be available to subscribers only: Is this considered a core feature of tracking your food, for the majority of our users? Some examples of things we feel don't meet that requirement, and are likely to become upcoming pro features are: • The ability to have 'custom meals'. For example, some people might not follow the traditional breakfast/lunch/dinner routine, and instead have 6 small meals throughout the day. This feature would allow them to create and name their 'meals' how they see fit • Additional complexity with the food logging process, such as a sliding scale of healthiness, or being able to add tags to meals so you can later gain insights based on those • Cosmetic niceties, such as a dark mode, or being able to choose the emoji assigned to the meal, etc
I like the premise of binary healthy vs unhealthy categorization but is there anyway you can go slightly deeper in what is recorded on the app?
@ethans100 Hi Ethan - It's definitely something we plan on offering in the future. We'll always keep the binary option as the default I think, but we'd allow users to enable a sliding scale version (think of the Instagram emoji sliding UI) and some other potential neat UI ideas we have up our sleeves. We know macros are important to a lot of users of these apps, and while we will never track exactly what you eat like some of our competitors, we might create some optional functionality, so if you wanted to quickly track your protein intake for example, you could enable a function that added this to the UI in a quick and easy way.
I like the simplicity, but would love to see the water consumption tracking (even binary enough/not-enough) as it seems to be a related problem to track.
@dnurzynski Hi Damian, thanks for the feedback and I totally agree with the water tracking and it's something on our backlog!
Not only are other calorie counting apps too complicated, but they all charge monthly fees because the APIs behind them are egregiously expensive. $300/month for 200 active users on Nutritionix. Not to mention the NDB API is down due to lack of federal funding It is truly quite a mess in the nutrition API space.