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Modelo has been in private beta for the past several months and we just launched publicly this week! We've got a TON of new features that allow architects and designers to present complex 3D models through the browser - so far we've seen it become effective as a communication and presentation tool for these professions and their clients - We've also got an embed function that allows people to put their models right into their blogs and portfolio sites. Harvard Graduate School of Design used this for their recent Design Miami exhibition @
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Morning Steve! Thanks for posting! Our founding team’s background is in architecture and industrial design, so to start we’re focusing on those two markets. We’ve done this by supporting 3D/CAD formats like Rhino, Revit, Sketchup, .OBJ, .STL and .ZIP files - these are the most used file formats in these industries and we look to continue expanding our support for other 3D design software as we grow! Longer term, we look to provide the most complete presentation and collaboration solution for 3D design teams - regardless of what their native design software is. We want to help people show their work to clients and colleagues, get feedback, and continue iterating in a really streamlined way - less email, no screenshots or pdf attachments - we want to bring joy and efficiency to the 3D design process!
After using it, its really powerful. I wish I would of had this in my M.Arch program. Collaborating with my professors would have been much easier. Qi Su, whats even more exciting is the possibility of CAD&CG integration. You could get really fancy with filters, patterns and all sorts of finishing tools unique to Modelo. Are you hiring? I am sorta kidding but really excited to see this evolve.
@tayler2412 Thanks for the feedback Tayler! Students in design studios are another user group we're testing with right now! We're always looking to speak with talented people. Send us a message on
@tayler2412 Hey Tayler, thanks for the kind words! We just launched the product this Tuesday, but there is already a design studio from Carnegie Mellon University using our product for communication and collaboration purpose.
I've been following this launch for a few months now. @Modelo_io is a slick new way for 3D design collaboration that just launched their beta today and I super excited about it. For @Suqidan the CEO: What is @Modelo_io's target market for this product to start? What's the larger vision?
Really impressive tech!