Mode Remote

Tips, interviews, and resources about remote work

Mode Remote is a repository of tips, interviews and resources to guide you in your remote work during these turbulent times. You can share resources with others or give an interview by yourself and share your insights on meaningful and productive remote work.
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Hey everyone 👋 Last week we published AidTable, a crowdsourced table with discounts that companies offer to help others during COVID-19. As it appears, there are lots of similar projects. However, the pandemic continues, and as we hope it will end soon, we decided to launch yet-another-remote-work-resources project. So, "Mode Remote" (What do you think about the name? 😆) is a curated repository of articles about better remote work routines and processes. We have also summarized a few tips in a 6 minute read, called "Remote Work - The Quick Start Guide". My favorite part about Mode Remote is the Interviews section. We asked inspiring professionals from different industries about their process, insights, and tips on working remotely. We'd love to get your remote work links submitted, but most of all we'd love to hear about your WFH situation. So go ahead and conduct an interview with yourself 👉 We are open to your feedback and ideas on how to make the project more useful. P.S. All of the illustrations in the project are made by us and are going to be published for free soon. Stay safe and sane! Joro
We had a lot of fun making this... and thanks to, we were up and running in about a week!
Happy to be part of this project! Love the interview section too!
I really like it