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From Mode's earliest days, we've thought about how data analysis and collaboration go hand-in-hand. The first folks to ever use our product were analytics teams who wanted to borrow and re-use each other's work. Since then it's evolved to entire companies sharing their most important insights through Mode. At that scale (at any scale, really), dashboards and analysis are most effective when integrated deeply into other business systems and processes, with communication at the center. Earlier this year we released the ability to share reports via email—and it made a huge difference for many of our customers. But many of our customers use Slack for internal comms (we do at Mode, too). I personally spend a lot of time in both, and I have to say that the effect of posting Mode reports in public Slack channels on our company has been huge. People have a much better sense of what's happening in other departments. Shared charts spark discussions that wouldn't have happened otherwise, resulting in action that might not have taken place. It's been big for us, and I think it will be big for our customers, too. This is the 9th of 12 features that we're launching in a 12 feature, 12 day series. Read about the others on our blog: I'll be online throughout the day and am looking forward to questions and feedback! -Derek
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@dereksteer We're constantly sharing links to Mode reports in Slack, but sharing the reports and charts themselves will be a huge improvement. Thanks Derek!
@dereksteer Mode has become one of my favorite ways to compose and share analysis with my team, and this Slack integration has instantly upgraded our workflow. Quick question/request: is there a way that the Mode integration could enable rich links in Slack such that posting a link to a Mode report would auto populate the report name and preview image? This would be largely the same as the functionality provided by the "Share" to Slack button, but posting a link directly to Slack (instead of hitting Share to Slack) might be a teensy bit more natural... Just a thought!
@henryhund Thanks for the love! I'm glad the Slack integration is already making a difference. We agree that what you described would be natural, and we looked into it. Unfortunately, this isn't possible in Slack today. In order to make that happen, Slack would need to check your authentication to Mode when you drop the link in. When that functionality is supported, we will definitely add the feature.
Derek, very cool. Like you, we live in Slack and being able to share rich content there is definitely a more effective way to get people engaged in discussion. I’m curious how as y'all were building / testing this it impacted how your team engages your metrics. Anything interesting or unexpected that you can share?
@lenfishman One of the biggest benefits is that the conversation happens in a recorded place, where otherwise it probably would have happened in person. I just went back into Slack to find an anecdote and was actually able to find one quickly. Being able to revisit a conversation -- even if just to be aware that it happened -- creates a better understanding of how decisions are getting made. The anecdote I found was one of my co-founders posting in our Marketing channel after seeing a report get pushed in: "I haven't thought about invites in a bit. been fixed on other stuff. but it's interesting to see this come across" And the follow-up from one of our designers: "I’ve been thinking about invites..." Neither of those folks are on the Marketing team, and they would probably have been much less likely to stumble across that report in Mode. I can't say this is unexpected -- actually, it's exactly what we expected. But it's still really useful.
@dereksteer makes perfect sense. Very exciting
Mode team: ***thank you***! This is going to be a core part of how we deliver analytics internally and to our many clients. So important.