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Thanks for posting, Kevin! When we first launched Mode, it was really geared toward analysts who were answering ad-hoc questions. In my own analytical career, that's how I've spent 90% of my time. I spent somewhere under 10% of my time building dashboards. I hear this from others pretty frequently, too. But dashboards are important. It's important to have dashboards in places people can see them. It's important to display information in ways that grab people's attention. A clear dashboard with the right metrics can mean the difference between identifying a critical business problem in time to solve it and, well, whatever happens if you miss the problem… Ultimately, it makes a lot of sense to have dashboards and ad-hoc work in the same place. After all, ad-hoc work is often necessary in order to figure out what should go on a dashboard. And once you have that dashboard, investigations that stem from it should stay connected, too. That's why I'm really excited about this release. We've made huge improvements: Dashboards now look great on TVs, computers, Slack, embedded natively in your app — anywhere. We're also launching themes, which allow you to completely hijack the CSS that styles your dashboard. It's the most flexible, customizable reporting I'm aware of. Please let me know what y’all think. I’ll be on here answering questions all day.
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Looks nice, but the pricing is insane
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well, "Pricing starts at $500/month + per seat pricing"... That's good for some big companies, definitely not for early-stage startups
@lisadziuba I totally understand. We were there once, too. To be honest, we see young startups typically go with something like Google Analytics or another all-in-one product at first because they are easy and cheap (some are free). Companies typically pick up Mode when they outgrow GA — they have questions that simply can’t be answered in that interface. They keep using Mode as they scale to thousands of employees. @jthandy wrote a really thorough blog post about this recently: I think he has some really sound advice for how to approach analytics as an early-stage startup.
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@dereksteer @jthandy thanks for the post! I see your point. If you have found your audience, then no questions :) I'm just a wrong person to give a feedback here!
Huge fan of Mode (use it everyday) and it just got better with their new beautiful dashboards. New custom themes looks great and they even have a callout for TV displays!
We're definitely going to be using this new functionality heavily across our clients -- nice work!