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MockingBot is a collaborative prototyping tool for UI/UX designers. With MockingBot, you can create wireframes and interactive prototypes for mobile app or website.

By our Sketch Plugin, MockingBot allows designers to import Sketch files and make prototypes quickly.

MockingBot's new feature, Handoff, powerfully smooths the design-to-development workflow. Developers can get specs and multi-platform code by a sharing link, and export assets in just one click.

MockingBot supports online work and Mac/Windows/linux system.

MockingBot has free version. Even for its premium features, it's an economical choice.

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yuanyizMaker@yuanyiz · Founder, MockingBot
Hi, guys, I’m Yuanyi, CEO of MockingBot. A Few years ago, the idea of making a rapid prototyping tool came up to me when I failed to find a desirable similar product in market. I once started on my own in the first year as a full-stack developer, and now I’m so grateful that I’ve got a small team to help me. Lately MockingBot has just upgraded with a new Handoff feature, which aims to smooth the design-to-development workflow. As a developer myself, I understand the friction occurring in the handoff process. This Handoff feature supports automatic specs, codes of multi-platform, measure conversion, and a great color solution. I expect MockingBot to be more than a prototyping tool, since I know other element like design collaboration is equally important for a product team. I sincerely wish MockingBot could satisfy your need for design and collaboration. Your feedback is important for us, please tell me what you think about MockingBot! Thx so much! Yuanyi
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
Jordan@prolax · UI & UX Designer
why should I use this over or InVision or Sketch or Figma or UXPin or mockflow?
Jordan@prolax · UI & UX Designer
probably a key question you want to answer up-front right? there's a wealth of tools offering seemingly exactly the same thing with nearly an identical ui in some cases – what does yours do differently?
yuanyizMaker@yuanyiz · Founder, MockingBot
@prolax Hi, Jordan, Good question, thx! To start with, we don't see MockingBot as a competitor of Sketch, rather MockingBot has nice integration with Sketch, you can make hi-fi prototypes by using our Sketch Plugin; MockingBot combines wireframing, prototyping, design collaboration and our new Handoff feature, so that's what I think differs from, Figma, and UXPin. Compared with InVision, yes, I believe that we are very similar in most features, and even InVision is more powerful; but first I think we have different target users, MockingBot's prototyping is quite simple and meanwhile with easy learning curve; second, check our price, It's a quite economical choice. :) When it comes to free version, MockingBot has a quite generous offer too. Thx for your question again!
Jake Tran@jake_tran · Account Planner
What's the reason to get this prototype product? It's on Windows, fellas