A realistic data generator to test your app

#4 Product of the WeekJuly 27, 2015

With Mackaroo you can test your APIs more easily and realistically than ever. It generates more than 9,000 female and male names and 50,000 surnames in many different languages so you can get a real-world view of your product.

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It always bothers me when I see mockups on Dribbble that use "optimistic data" — like super pretty profile photos or shot names. Data in the real world is way more messy — photos are bad, names are long and hyphenated (not to mention in other languages), etc. It's nice to see a tool that combats this kind of designer-laziness by making real-world data available for mocking up apps and interfaces with realistic data! Also works with the Sketch Data Populator!
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@chrismessina totally agree with that. it's easy to design a pretty looking app where everybody uploads a great profile pic and full data, the real UX challenge is in designing a beautiful looking app with a bunch of empty fields
@chrismessina Very true. Photoshop is the best way to show a client what their product will never look like.
@tweetanor @chrismessina So true, but also a good way to get a client to pay money. Sort of a Catch - 22
This concept was just featured in a Techcrunch article. I'll be trying this out today!
Great idea :) Thanks for hunting. I'll be using this a lot!
This is awesome!
For a data analytics firm, this is immensely helpful. Thanks!