Instantly create video mockups from screen recordings

A free (and paid) simple web app which creates video mockups from screen recordings by wrapping your recording in a device image. Produces clean and simple videos. Saves time and sanity. Made by an amateur designer for professional designers.
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Hello Product Hunt πŸ‘‹πŸ» Mock is a simple app I built for myself after getting tired of wasting time creating video mockups from screen recordings simply because I wanted to send something that looked more professional to my clients. I find myself using it every week now and it feels magic to not search Google for device images or fire up After Effects. You can create a video by simply choosing your video file, selecting the device you recorded it on, and choosing a background color. Once your file is uploaded, the app will begin creating your mockup video and then email you the completed version. If the video is small enough to be attached to the email, we'll do that too. You can use Mock for free and your video will include a small watermark. Through testing, I uncovered a simple route to viability in watermark removal and higher resolution videos. So, if you subscribe, you can do exactly that. The app was built on a bunch of rad technologies from Netlify to Serverless. Let me know if you have any questions on how it was developed. I use Contentful to manage the devices, models, and export sizes, so adding and adjusting those is pretty painless. Let me know if you'd like a device or export size added. While I have developed plenty of experiences for clients in my career, I am 100% a beginner at making products. As such, any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of the testers on Ship who helped turn this into a real product. Cheers, Lee
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@leemartin Congrats for launching!
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@satwaya Thank you Joshua!
@leemartin very good idea! You could take this much further.
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@florianheger Cheers Florian. If you have any ideas, send them my way. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
nice product, recommend 4 u guys
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@adam_tony Thank you Adam!
Nice job @leemartin ! Looks great, will try it later today :)
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@joepvanleijsen Cheers Joep! Nice to see you here πŸ”₯
@leemartin What a great idea. I tried it out on FF and it seemed not to recognise my video. What format does the video need to be? Is there a max length to the video? Do I need to create an account before using the app? I would love to see the app available with a transparent background too.
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@krishnade Hey Krishna! The app should allow any video format but I was told about a little bug on the file selector which I have just pushed a fix for. Out of curiosity, what format is your video and can you email it to me? hi@leemartin There is no max limit at the moment but I also haven't tested longer videos. Do you have a particularly long one? You do not need an account to use the free version of the app. πŸ™ŒπŸ» You're not the first to ask for transparent backgrounds and I would love to understand this request a bit more. What's your vision for a transparent video and how would you use it?
Neat! Useful for marketing on the socials I guess, but I was expecting more than just the video with a background. Was kind of expecting a 3D panning or something.
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@joshuapinter Hey Joshua! Thanks for checking out the app and sorry for the confusion. I'm keeping it in the 2d realm to begin with because that's my dimension of expertise. πŸ˜…