Push notifications for website. Compatible w/ all browsers.

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Hi everyone, @mobiopush allows website to send push notification to browsers (supported devices - Chrome, Firefox desktop & android, Opera, Safari) , Websites can integrate mobiopush in less than three steps, We offer detailed analytics, scheduling and api. Fell free to ask any question. Enjoy :)
Once you've given permissions for the notifications, does that browser window need to remain open for the notifications to occur?
Hi @mohdaboo, congrats on getting featured on PH. I too would like to know the answer to this question by @al__bentley .
@al__bentley , We have two options available in the dashboard. Push notification works even if browser is closed and Web notification send notification if the browser window is open. This can be used to guide people inside your website.
@mohdaboo @al__bentley So push notifications for Safari and HTML5 notifications elsewhere?
@mohdaboo I took a quick look at the API. So, there is no way to segment users? Are there any near future plans to do so? Roost API looks much better in that way (@timvarner please don't let us hold our breath too long).
@jipy9 we were about to add segmentation while you asked. Please do check now. We have added it. Cheers
@kwdinc I've been anxiously awaiting Roost to support more than just Safari (@timvarner and team say it's coming!). Mobiopush says "supports all browsers" but doesn't specifically name any of them and I can't find any documentation.
@kwdinc Thanks for thinking of us. And the back and forth on Twitter.
@rrhoover The wait will soon be over. You'll hear news soon.
@rrhoover True, no clear info on site. @mohdaboo Which browsers do you support now ?
@rrhoover @kwdinc , @mobiopush support Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Firefox in Android.
Also, for all, our API documentation: Have fun with it.