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#5 Product of the DayMay 09, 2017
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Sharon Savariego
Sharon Savariego@sharon_savariego
Hi Everyone, I'm Sharon, the founder of Mobilize. @benlang thank you for hunting us! ✌️ We’re super excited to launch Mobilize for iOS today. For the last 6 months, we’ve dedicated our entire dev and product team and teamed up with MetaLab—Slack’s design firm to build the ultimate large group messaging app. While working on Mobilize web for the last 2.5 years, we’ve helped customers like Etsy, Microsoft, Docker and Prezi, and many others, grow their business communities, developer groups and ambassadors to thousands of people using Mobilize. We learned there is a huge need for mobile messaging solution for large groups and decided to focus all of our resources to launch this app. What’s different about Mobilize for iOS: 1. Member Management: All your contacts are in one smart directory that includes registration forms and customizable profiles. It’s easy to organize members into subgroups for targeted communications. 2. Communication center: You can decide what's the right channel people will most likely reply to — whether it’s emails, SMS, polls, events or files (that's how our users get 75% open rate and >35% reply rate. Yes - you can see all these stats in the app) 3. Flexible Community Settings: Organized threads help you easily follow the conversation and go back to old threads. And it has robust permissions so you can make sure it's not a huge spammy feed. We’re incredibly excited (and nervous… 😳) about this version - and want to make sure we’re making it perfect for you. So please - share any feedback you have. Thanks for checking us out! 😍
Hani Ovadia
Hani OvadiaHiring@hani_gold · Co founder @Snappy
@sharon_savariego @benlang Good Luck Sharon :) Looks Awesome!!
Sharon Savariego
Sharon Savariego@sharon_savariego
@hani_gold @benlang Thanks Hani! ❤️
Maayan Malka
Maayan Malka@maayan_malka · UX Designer
🎉👏💃 Congratz @sharon_savariego looks awesome!
Sharon Savariego
Sharon Savariego@sharon_savariego
@maayan_malka Thank you!!
Yaniv Presler
Yaniv Presler@yaniv_presler
Congrats on your launch. It seems like a great product (especially if Nir was part of it). I am interesting to learn how you helped the brands you mentioned. The biggest obstacle is to convince communities to download a new app just be a part of one community.
Shruti Gandhi
Shruti Gandhi@atshruti ·
@yaniv_presler Hi Yaniv, I'll let the CEO chime in but if I may answer quickly you don't need to download anything to get the community to use the product and take advantage of some of the features over email.
Sharon Savariego
Sharon Savariego@sharon_savariego
@yaniv_presler Thank you! I totally agree with the challenge to convince members to download an app or even login to anything! That's why we designed it so that members ** don't have to login ** to be part of the community. Whatever message is sent - they can get it and reply, vote and take action from anywhere they are - email, SMS, etc. Regarding your question about our existing customers, Docker and Salesforce use Mobilize to manage their Product Beta and Developer groups - networks of over 2500 people that are all over the world. They use the product to organize multiple groups (influencers, top developers, experts, etc), communicate with them on the platform using email, events, etc to share updates about new releases etc. Etsy, Prezi and many others use it to manage their resellers and brand ambassadors - here's a video about Etsy's community:
David Spinks
David Spinks@davidspinks · CEO, CMX Media
Big fan of Mobilize's product and vision. I think the focus on mobile is really smart. Question: Are you going to prioritize mobile over web now? Or maintain both equally?
Sharon Savariego
Sharon Savariego@sharon_savariego
@davidspinks Thank you! It means a lot coming from THE community guru! To your question - we're going to maintain a balance between the Mobile and the Web products and to invest in both. The Mobile is designed to increased member engagement and participation and help admins manage their groups on the go. And we will continue to grow the admin capabilities of the Web product - investing in the community CRM, adding more analytics and dashboards, and continue upgrading our email outreach capabilities.
Adam Lieb
Adam Lieb@adamslieb · Founder/CEO @ Innervate
Happy member of a Mobilize community for Gaming Insiders. I love the approach Mobilize took to integrate into my workflow (email) rather than forcing me to go to a web/app experience unless I want to. The ability to opt into what I want, and out of what I don't is also super strong. Love it!
Sharon Savariego
Sharon Savariego@sharon_savariego
@adamslieb 😍😍😍 Thank you! We're so glad to hear that! Making the experience seamless for members is our 1st priority. I hope you'll like the new mobile app as much, it follows this approach too. Feel free to share with us any feedback you have! 🙏
Alex Bouaziz
Alex Bouaziz@bouazizalex · Deel, MIT, Technion
Amazing product and great team. Congrats on the launch @sharon_savariego ! Can't wait to see whats next ✌️
Sharon Savariego
Sharon Savariego@sharon_savariego
@bouazizalex Thanks Alex! we're so excited about this too 😍