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Mobilize 2.0 is an online home for your community.

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Hi Everyone, I'm Sharon, Founder of Mobilize, we are excited to launch Mobilize 2.0! @benln thank you so much for hunting us!! ✌️ Mobilize is the online home for over 1,000 communities and 1,000,000+ members. While working with these amazing communities - we’ve learned that what they all truly long for is fostering a true sense of belonging online. Therefore, We’ve been working hard in the last few months building ״The Lounge” - allowing members to get a better sense of belonging and community experience online, similar to what they usually get in real life. In addition - we’ve redesigned Mobilize to provide community leaders all of the tools they need to organize their community - a Member Database and an Outreach Center. What’s different about Mobilize 2.0: 1. The Lounge - a home for your community to meet, network, access community resources, attend events, engage with polls, share ideas and so much more. Checkout our feed - we combined best of both words - threads and live chat! 2. The Members Directory: Members can find each other by tags and connect with each other by creating private or group chats. 3. Events & Files: Members can opt-in to upcoming community events and have them sync to their personal calendar. Getting also a resource center where managers and members can add and share files with each other. 4. Outreach Center - Create email blasts, meeting invites, send text messages that can be sent to everyone or targeted with smart segmentation and personalization with animated GIFs, images, links, CTA buttons and merge tags. 5. Member Database - Your place to own, organize and manage your community members with advanced features, filters and actions We’re incredibly excited about this version and are here to build the best community platform for community leaders. So please - share any feedback you have. 🙏 Thanks for checking us out! 😍
Roy Povarchik
Founder at Roy Povarchik
Hi, The tool looks really amazing The amount of freedom you have to work with your data looks great. Also, the ability to manage mini-groups within your community seems really useful for our needs. I have two questions though: 1. How does stack up against a product like Facebook Groups? 2. Also, who do you think can benefit the platform the most? What type of communities. Great product! Good luck with your launch!
@roypovar Thank you so much for the feedback and questions! I'm glad you found out sub-groups system and member database useful! To answer your questions: 1. Mobilize & Facebook groups are pretty complimentary. Here are things that Mobilize provide members and managers to create a true 360* community expirience: A- Member Directory - Communities are all about people, so we build a full member directory with rich and customizable profiles to help members find each other using tags (location, expertise, role, company, anything you want) and connect directly. B- Multi platform engagement - We believe in true inclusiveness so members don't have to login to participate in the conversation. Every group also has an email address so discussion can happen simultaneously on email, mobile and web. C- Database & Scale - Facebook provides a lot of discoverability thanks to it's popularity. Once you recruit new members on Facebook - Mobilize can help you scale and organize your community. On Mobilize you can create multiple groups, have a full member database to easily manage your members data, use registration forms to recruit new members from your site or other platforms. D- Events calendar, Resource center and more - the lounge provides members access to an event calendar that they can sync to their own calendar and ability to view and share files. By the way - we've reached out to Facebook in an open letter that was published in VentureBeat to ask them to open their API so both platforms can be fully integrated, check it out here 2. While Mobilize serves over 1000 communities and a variety of community types - from Professional networks, Developer Communities, Brand Ambassadors, Unions, Political movements, Associations, and many more - we see ourselves as "Member-First" - we set ourselves on a mission to provide member-driven communities the best solutions to build and grow their communities. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you so much for your support! 🙏
Shirley SinigagliaCommunity Manager

Excited to continue to use


Great community


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Ariel Assaraf
Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
Looks awesome, good job guys!
@arielassaraf Thank you so much! Glad to hear that you like our new version!
Go Mobilize!
@maria_green_povarchik Thank you so much!
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