MOB: Mother Of all Bots

Explore chatbot/conversational AI platforms with a bot

Explore 125+ chatbot builders and find the perfect platform for your chat, voice or conversational AI project!
With "Advanced Search" you can filter on for example:
- Channels
- Flow building method
- Integrations
- NLP integrations
- Native NLP engine
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Love this chatbot. Helps me better understand the bot landscape
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@jim_rowe thanks mate! If you see room for improvement, let me know!

Is a great tool for people entering the field.


Super clear, and quickly demonstrates the power and possibly of chat bots



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Thanks Tim! PS: I btw realised I only make META products
Interesting and meta way to explore building a bot, cool name, cool team, curious how and if this will be used much :D
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@milann Thanks again for hunting my product Milan! I'll keep you up-to-date about those MAUs
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Great, I have found it has good information to explore the platforms
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@webhostingtrace that's what MOB and I do it for ;-)
what a perfect name
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@gentry glad you like it!