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Hey everyone! I built mlist because I found a bunch of awesome newsletters that I loved, but didn't like having extra stuff in my in my inbox. I used Meng To's Design + Code book to learn iOS development and built mlist. Here's how it works: choose a username when you sign up for mlist and use it like an email address ( when subscribing to newsletters. The newsletters are delivered right to the app. No more overflowing email inboxes! I'm open to any feedback and happy to answer any questions!
@noahtovares Been looking for something like this for a while. A very good start. I would add the following if possible - Ability to forward existing subscriptions to mlist - Ability to save links to pocket/instapaper - Pull in subscriptions from Twitter - based on what my network is sharing. Look forward to updates. This has legs.
@arjunram Thanks! Those are great suggestions. Being able to suggest subscriptions would be powerful. From the inbox, you can swipe a message to share it. If you have Pocket, Instapaper, or an app with share extensions you should see it as an option. There's a bug right now that prevents the link from working, but it will be fixed in the next update!
@arjunram just released a quick update that fixed the share bug. You can now share and save messages to your favorite apps!
@noahtovares Good to hear. I meant parsing the content for links and being able to share individual links or a bundle rather than the entire email. Mail client like cloudmagic already allow the ability to share the entire email which isnt very useful. Hope that helps.
@arjunram oh, that's interesting. I hadn't thought about sharing that way. Makes a lot of sense though, as typically it's a link in the message, and not the message itself that I want to share.
Mlist is totally brilliant, and I've been a happy user for a while now. Thanks Noah!
@ninthart thanks :D you were one of the first signups ever. How did you originally find mlist?
@noahtovares To be honest, I'm not totally sure! I think it was from seeing it listed on However I found it, I jumped on as soon as I could as it really fills a need I have—too many great email newsletters with a too-full inbox :)
@ninthart Awesome, glad I wasn't the only one with that problem. Let me know if you have any comments / feature requests!
As someone who has only newsletters unread in my inbox right now (~100 from 15+ newsletters), this would be awesome for me. I've been falling behind recently, and this would give me a good way to catch up in an organized way. It might be nice if others could star what newsletter issues they like so I know how to prioritize my inbox.
@kunalslab I've been there! Social features are absolutely something that I'm thinking about for future versions.
@derek_shirk wasn't sure why the link to this was mlist-2 until I saw that you hunted it a while back. mergelinks is great, just added it to the featured section.