Chat app that matches strangers with opposite opinions

Mixmind is a communication platform to debate and exchange views on current issues of polarized opinions by matching strangers that selected the same subject to be discussed and that have opposite opinions for the same subject they have selected. It ensures the debate flow with a brand new chat structure.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
I don't have a Facebook account. Are you guys thinking about signing up with email?
@ozgrozer Hello! Thank you for your reply! Linking users to their Facebook account reduce the chances of abuse through the app. Since the app debates very sensitive topics, we need to be more severe with users identities, just like other sensitive apps does, like Tinder for example.
@felipe_grinsztajn can you maybe let user sign up with their google account?
@felipe_grinsztajn surely discussing sensitive topics is a good reason to mask identity? Though you still need to keep out trolls. I’d like to use the app but I won’t create a Facebook account just to do so. Hoping you add more login providers!
Love this, need of the hour :)
Looks interesting I hope you will have more installs on Android.
@cenja Thank you!! We've just launched, so we are working hard to increase the user database. If you could help us with that by sharing our app, that would be awesome ;)
Very interesting concept, I like it! I think you should add a "not sure" or "not that important to me" to answer the screening questions, in order to also promote more nuanced point of views.
@pbriod Thank you so much for your suggestion! We will truly consider it for our next upcoming update.
@pbriod I disagree, I think you should do not this.
I think this is a super intriguing app topic that allows people to discus/debate POV's, but as others have said, restricting it to FB users isn't the best. Personally I'm not comfortable sharing my private FB account. I also think that Google accounts should be an option. Good luck! :)
@jeddyhsu I second that. was just about to post the same thing.