Mixergy - Sam Altman

On Y Combinator, Loopt (his previous company) & Work Habits



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jacilyn@jacilynh · Civil Engr & Flatiron Web Dev. Student
This was a fantastic podcast...thnx to Jessica for getting him to do it
✎ Andrew Warner
✎ Andrew WarnerMaker@andrewwarner
@jacilynh thank you
✎ Andrew Warner
✎ Andrew WarnerMaker@andrewwarner
Out of curiosity, does anyone read the comments in the Podcast section of hn? Seems less active than the Tech section.
Troy Carlson
Troy Carlson@troy_carlson
@andrewwarner I rarely even visit the podcast section and when I'm here I don't read the comments. The only reason I'm here right now is because your question showed up in the PH daily email and I'm a big fan of Mixergy. Cheers!