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Hi, I’m Philippe, co-founder at Missive. We’re really happy to launch Missive’s latest version on Product Hunt! What started out as an email client with partial chat capabilities has become a full fledged email and team chat solution for businesses. Our innovation lies in the way we merge email and chat in a common interface. It will become second nature for people to archive and snooze chats as they are processing their inbox. As foreign as chat is to email, mixing them unleashes unforeseen possibilities. It leads to a truly asynchronous workflow and avoids the fear of missing out people get in other chat apps. Better at email; Better at chat; Better at work! Try it out. Your feedback is welcome.
@plehoux Nice idea! When syncing gmail, separate "Primary", "social", and "promotion" tab will be a plus. As a gmail users I am not used to an inbox messed with social notification and ads.
@chang2301 We are receiving this comment a lot and we are looking into ways to solve this pain for Gmail-Web users.
@plehoux Cool. Looking forward to it.
@chang2301 @plehoux Agreed! That would be huge. I doubt I could have our team switch without that function. In the interim, a Gmail filter will get those out of your inbox. Just have to remember to check those labels. They'll still have an unread count. Here's the filter (example for the updates): http://take.ms/iyAHf.
@laurenlperfors @chang2301 @plehoux Indeed! I actually use an alternate version of this filter to Mark As Read rather than Skip the Inbox. See: http://cl.ly/g9d8 I like all messages to remain in my main inbox, but want to avoid notifications for these. Any decent main client will not notify new messages that come in already marked as read. It’s awesome that Gmail makes their smart categories available in filters, it let’s you benefit from their powerful algorithm from any client.
the logo KICKS ASS!
@aramiggs That is the work of my co-founder and awesome designer. You should follow him @_tristan
@aramiggs Hell yes it does. @_tristan is kind of a branding geek, if you must know.
@plehoux I'll add him to the Tristan squad 👐🏻
We've been using Missive for several weeks now at Muxu Muxu and we love it! <3
Reminds me of @simoncaminada and the Alloy browser with how they group tabs together into 'Tasks'. Here you group chats into a task which I would assume greatly improves focus and alignment. Really like the idea for teams. The fact that it's all integrated in one smooth UI is the icing on the cake! :)
Not sure if anybody here is doing it that way but I've been using it mostly for myself. (ie.: I ditched Airmail and started using Missive on my Mac and hooked it up with various mailboxes that I have.) Even without a proper team, this is by far the best email client I've used. Kudos guys!