Mission App

Helps friends coordinate with each other when going out.

Just started playing with this. I like the idea of "self destructing" events, giving friends a limited amount of time to commit. Flock (cc @ajwaxman) is another app for bringing friends together offline.
Looks like a cool app @will_lam, great stuff! I also love the idea of "self-destructing" events. The tough part about an app that brings friends together is that is has to be 10x better than text messaging in order to switch people over. We've also found it hard to only be on iOS as it excludes you from making plans with any DROIDDD friends... It's a fun problem to solve though. Good luck!
@ajwaxman haha thanks, I was just the one who posted it after learning about the criteria of submitting to producthunt from @rrhoover In any case, the dude who is responsible for Mission is my best friend Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan. I just help out wherever I can. :) I completely agree with you having an experience that is 10x better than text to switch. With respect to being on dominant platforms, and I'm speaking on behalf of Gabriel here, the reason why it's iOS only is that he wanted to get a feel for the market and release it publicly rather than tackling iOS and Android simultaneously. Plus, Gabriel's a one man show who knows iOS and not so much Android haha. Good luck with Flock! I'm going to download and play around with it. Looks cool! Also, I believe there's http://www.getmarcopolo.com/ as well which is similar. Cheers! Will
@ajwaxman Yea, one of reasons I wanted to work on something like this was to eliminate redundant "where are you"/"around X"/"wheres that"/"idk" conversations, but I'll agree it's tough getting people to use something in place of, or even in addition to texts This first release was mostly intended to see how people would even use something like this, so we're definitely learning quite a bit as is. And yeah, Android may happy if there's enough demand, but presumably only after iOS has matured substantially!
@_gabrieloc gotcha, makes sense!