Everyone on camera. Tap to watch or video chat with anyone.

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This is what the world needs.
Hi! Mirror shows you everyone with the app open, live on camera. We’re making Mirror because we think there should be a way to talk face-to-face with anyone you want, whether that’s a celebrity, company, your followers, or someone else you’ve never met. Mirror makes this simple: You see everyone live, tap anyone to watch them. If they watch you back, you’re video chatting. Notifying people that you’re online is easy too: double tap yourself and all your followers could be in the palm of your hand. See their reactions live and talk to them about anything face-to-face. Would love to hear what you think! You can also talk to us on Mirror (username: mirror) Or text us on Twitter (username: @livemirror)
@aakashsastry I met a couple really interesting folks already. Will Teleparty still be coming to Android in the future? I've been looking forward to that.
Hey, @aakashsastry! Teleparty, an app you launched 6 months ago is very similar to Mirror. What did you learn from the previous "incarnation" that you applied to this new app? P.S. is "shake to agree to T&C" legally binding? 😜
With Mirror, we want to let you see and talk face-to-face with the whole world on camera. There’s 7 billion people in the world and now that we all have smartphones, it seems there should be a way for us all to interact live regardless of physical location. You can have people follow you @rrhoover. When they come online, you'll be able to see them all live and video chat with them
@aakashsastry @rrhoover why the product not in App Store?
Love this product and concept @aakashsastry -- especially the auto broadcast upon open, takes very little effort to get started...there's no "start broadcast" button, which always feels daunting to me 💯
After checking it out... I'm intrigued, question: can you give me a user case to better understand the app.
@as_austin A regular case: While walking down the street you come across something exciting - a street performer, a protest, etc. Normally you might text or tell your friends about this later but instead you open mirror, send out a notification to your followers and start streaming. Your friends then come online, where you can see each other live, and together you experience the madness.