Fast and simple polls for your iMessage groups

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2016
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Does everybody in the conversation need to have the app in order to vote?
@andreaskam Yep. This is kind of a bummer, but luckily the iMessage app implementation makes this a bit less painful: everyone without the app will immediately be taken to the Minipoll page in the Messages App Store (right within messages) and they can download it for free.
Hi Product Hunt! Minipoll is a bit different from other poll apps you may have seen, in that it's free to download and vote – the idea being to remove as much friction as possible between you and the people you're polling. I built the app and web service which powers it in a couple weeks during the run up to the iMessage app store launching. I'd love any feedback you may have. Thanks for checking it out!
@patr1ck very useful! thanks for making it free :)
"Your first three polls are free (and voting is always free)" So after that it's pay per poll, or one-time payment? How much?
Sorry Emoji Poll, but this looks more useful. @patr1ck
Pretty cool! Are you able to add new people to the poll on the fly or do you have to predetermine who can participate? @patr1ck
@davidsfeng Everyone in the conversation is able to participate. If you add someone else to the conversation after the poll has already started, they could still vote, but the poll would need to be posted with the conversation again (which the app does allow) for them to see it and vote.