Most interesting possessions of the most interesting people

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Minimums is our new publication about the most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people. Posts feature a tastemaker or someone at the top of their industry, their most interesting possessions, and the stories behind each of those items. Every feature is shot inside their home or office. We have more great people / features on the way. Let us know what you think, and if there's anyone you'd like to see us profile next. Happy to answer questions as well. Also, we have a full blog post that goes into detail about the costs to produce Minimums. Check that out here: How We Created A New Media Publication for $3,743
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@marshal Love the diversity and quality of products you guys put out at Need/Want! What were some of the most interesting possessions you came across while interviewing folks for Minimums?
@robjama the standouts for me have been the ones with the best stories! Story is everything.
@marshal @jon @digit - you guys always surprise me with the diversity and execution of products you build, from Emoji Masks to the Peel iPhone case (which I use and love). How do you choose who to feature and if you could choose 3 people to participate, who would they be?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! So far we’ve just been calling in favors with friends and people in our network. In the future we want to feature anyone with an interesting story. My top 3 people would be: @elonmusk: Who wouldn’t want to see what cool stuff he owns? @tferriss: We’re big fans of Tim and I think he’d have a lot of interesting stuff. @rrhoover: Can we? Pretty please???? 💁🏼
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Another well executed idea by N/W
@andrewgale Thanks Andrew!
I like the storytelling aspect here. I also think the Amazon-affiliate model has worked well for @brainpicker and Canopy. My only suggestion to the founders: For the stories to truly inspire - show me also some of their possessions that mean something to them that are NOT for sale. Heirlooms, sacred objects, items of only intimate, sentimental value. Just seeing a list of items that are new and for sale is a bit less inspiring to me.
@rstephens Hey completely agree. Some of the posts we have queued up next have more of this -- someone is doing their grandfather's watch that he got when he retired from his lifetime employer (not something that's buyable anymore), a passport, animals, classic guns, etc.
I absolutely love this idea, and the aesthetics of the site as well. That's even if I had never head of any of the people you've featured so far, but I can see the list becoming increasingly interesting over time. The "Professional Wildman" had me :D I feel it's important to note that I'm not too big on buying/owning things. I like that it's not another site listing useless stuff to fill your home with.
@thibautdavoult the point of the product (to me) is to highlight the stories behind owning items, not just here's a cool expensive thing I bought
@thibautdavoult Thank you!!!!! That means a lot.
@kylewaring I would agree with you. But keep in mind there's a link to buy each product. So, the point of the product is to sell, and they're doing that through storytelling.