Hey there ProductHunters,

since Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency that is especially targeted at consumers, we decided to make mining a bit easier, without going through the hassle of configuring. That's why minekitten.io comes with an easy-to-use configurator and simple explanations of crypto terms.

We'd love to get your feedback on this :)

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Love the site and the whole branding/vibe you're giving off, wanted to try and use it but seems like Electroneum is "down" for now and one can't make a wallet. Unfortunate time to launch I guess :( Hope their site will be up soon so I can check it out and try your miner!
The design is top notch, I love it! Great job 👏
This is interesting. Seems like electroneum is on hold rn.
Yeah, too bad its not working at the moment. But got it bookmarked to return later!
@adamk22 Unfortunately the Electroneum wallet creation is offline currently. If you happen to already have one though you can mine already :)
@kaibrueckers Not yet unfortunately, but am eager to try it out once it's back online again. Hope you don't mind that I added it to my website!
@kaibrueckers I’d be grateful if you could let me know when the wallet creation is ready so I can share this :)
@aplssf I'm afraid that this is something we have no control over. The Electroneum guys are on it. Their facebook page suggests that it should be working again shortly (https://www.facebook.com/electro...)
@adamk22 Not at all, thanks for spreading the word, Adam!
Looks like Electroneum is not working yet. But your product site, it is amazing!