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Create engaging interactive videos in seconds ⚡️


Mindstamp turns any video into an engaging viewing experience by enriching it with interactive notes, pop-up questions, and CTAs in just a few seconds ✨

Mindstamp helps you generate + qualify leads, onboard + support customers, train employees, educate students, and much more 🔮

Try it today for free and 👀 the comments for a PH discount ❤️

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Backpack Internet

Honestly, I'm so impressed by what Brett built. It's such a killer product that I'm shocked I'm not seeing it everywhere. Should be on every marketing site or support page.

Something to keep a pulse on for sure.

Just glad I'm an early customer and can be a part of the journey.


Phenomenal execution, great for video funnels and customer feedback.


None since I've started using it.

Founder & CEO, Mindstamp 🎉
Thanks Jesse 🙏 Been a real pleasure getting to know you recently and using your feedback to improve Mindstamp every week. Cheers!

This is a great product. There is huge potential in the survey/data capture area that could be used in many creative ways to further your business goals. Very excited to see where this product goes.


Clean, easy-to-use, lightweight, data capture


None so far

Founder & CEO, Mindstamp 🎉
Thanks Hiro, I appreciate the kind words! More data management features on the way as I promised you a while back 😅
Software Engineering Intern, ClipMine

I've been using Mindstamp on and off for a while now and I can't even begin to say how useful of an app it is. There are so many different spaces that could benefit from this tech, and I can't wait to see where it goes!


Easy to use and beautiful



Inventor, AlkaWay

Nothing yet. Need and answer on links


Looking for a simple method of personalising videos to support sales funnel and this is SIMPLE


can't see if it will let me add links to show a new video when viewer makes a choice. That's what i want and need.

Creator, Ultra-Competitor, Investor
Easiest way to add any comments and interactions to any video.
President / COO of Mural Corporation
Game changer - no longer passive videos but getting prospects, learners, and audiences to interact quickly. Love that you can embed call to action; however, the insight/analytics are starting to emerge as the biggest help! Get it!