Mind mapping, concept mapping and outlining application

Mindomo is an online mind mapping, concept mapping and outlining application. Mindomo allows you to visually outline complex concepts, tasks, ideas, and other related information into understandable and organizable chunks

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Can you tell us what makes this different from other mind-mapping tools, @zoltanlorincz?
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@amrith A few things which make Mindomo different from other mind mapping apps: 1) Real-time collaboration: Multiple users working on the same mind map at the same time. Full history of changes. 2) Full-featured Task Management with mind maps: Branches and sub-branches of a mind map will become your checklist; once tasks are completed, they will be collapsed and out of sight. Multiple task assignees and an advanced comment functionality where you can attach documents, images, links. These resources will be rendered on your mind map visually when you click on the resources icon. E-mail notifications on due tasks and many more. 3) Mind maps as real-time editable outlines: outlining is really valuable when you have people on your team who are not so visually oriented. Turn your map into an outline and continue your work unchanged. 4) Brainstorm with your customers without asking them to install anything or register for an account (paid version only). This is handy if you are a consultant and you have a lot of brainstorming sessions with your clients to capture the initial requirements of your projects. 5) Standalone full-featured desktop (Windows, OSX, and Linux) application, that can be synced with the online browser version. I hope that the arguments are strong enough to give it a try :) Thank you!
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@amrith @zoltanlorincz Mindomo has very elegant presentation viewer which is way faster to make presentations than slide based tools (like powerpoint). also you can share you mindmap nos as static image but as interactive mindmap with embedded images, links, notes, audio and videos

I have been using Mindomo for the last few years, and I am very happy with it. It does all I need from a mindmapping tool and more, being also an excellent and unique presentation tool.

I have used Mindomo both for workshops and webinars where I have had to explain and illustrate complex processes, as well as to showcase real-world examples and applications.

I find it very useful to be able to integrate most any type of content in a mindmap node and to be able to title it, illustrate it and annotate it with all of the resources I have.

As I continuously test new tools and am a frequent present I have chosen Mindomo over similar tools and after having been a long-time user of Mindmeister.


User-friendly, intuitive, can integrates links, images, text, good for sharing and collaboration. Great presentation features. Reliable.


It does a lot of things some of which I never use. I, for example, have never used the task and project management features.

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I just wanna use this app. do you recommend it?
@brechjeminnaard It will cost you nothing but time to try it out. Please note that the free version has several limitations, check out the comparison page https://www.mindomo.com/compare-... before you try it. Thank you!
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