Mindful Humans

Community of makers discovering happiness 😌

Mindful Humans is a community of makers, creators, and founders who track mental and physical health, encourage each other to improve habits, and share ideas to live happier and healthier lives.

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πŸ‘‹ Hey Product Hunt β€” I’m suuuper excited to share Mindful Makers! πŸ‘‰ We are a community of ~250 makers, creators, and founders to track mental and physical health with a bot, to connect with awesome people, and learn from each other to become happier and healthier. πŸ‘‰ I sought to create a community that wasn't necessarily focused on work, but rather all aspects of life, with undertones of mindfulness and self-growth. We use Telegram as our platform. ❗ There are 500 available spots. If we reach capacity, there’s a waitlist for registration. If a member leaves, the next person in line will gain access. "Mindful Makers is a broad topic group for people trying to find their way in life.” β€” @levelsio - - - - πŸ’¬ Group chat In our main group chat, members have deep, nuanced, comedic, philosophical, insightful, tragic, sexual, uplifting discussions β€” nothing is off-limits. Many people share their thoughts, feelings, and anything that has been on their mind. Members also log things like sleep and exercises using the bot. πŸ€– Bot We have a bot that allows you to log meditation sessions, sleep, happiness levels, anxiety levels, exercises, time spent fasting, and journal entries. 🌍 Language clubs Want to learn and practice Spanish, Germany, Chinese, English? In our language clubs, you can chat with people in real-time in the language of your choice. πŸ“š Book club We all want to read more but hardly find the time. Each month, community members read one or two books together, and analyze and discuss. 🧠 Mastermind group A group of 5-10 people per session deeply exploring their values, habits, goals, motivations, and desires with one another. - - - - Let me know if you have any questions! Be sure to check out the interview on Indie Hackers too: https://www.indiehackers.com/int.... β™₯️ Consider joining us at https://join.mindfulmakers.club.
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@levelsio @joshvoydik Congrats on launching! I remember seeing this pop up on Twitter a few months ago, I believe it was still free then. Do you plan to cap the community at a specific number permanently so existing members retain the same value? Increasingly I see makers turn community access into a commodity via a subscription fee. Do you ever worry your $20/month, $150/year charge excludes some people?
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@levelsio @joshvoydik @abadesi I would not look at it as a commodity. We get a great value from the community and @joshvoydik invests a lot of time into building and growing it. As we are all humans, we understand what it takes. Same as with a NomadList community, I think it is right to pay for a product you love and to support a maker working on it.
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@levelsio @joshvoydik @aleks_muse Self care is hugely important and often neglected, I'm glad there's a space people feel is focused on their wellbeing with like minded folks.
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@levelsio @joshvoydik @aleks_muse @abadesi I completely agree. Especially amongst founders, stress is often ignored in order to try to keep the company alive, so it is great to see a community targeting this pain point. Well done on the launch, and good luck developing your product.
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@levelsio @joshvoydik I see you guys use different platforms and tools for communication and mental/physical health tracking. I do believe inKin (https://www.inkin.com/features) could perfectly fit in this concept for tracking each others' activity time, creating competitions, challenges and team battles. Would love to provide more details and a promocode if needed via a DM :)
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I think chat groups aren't the future anymore, they're literally our lives right now. Most of me and my friends stay in touch through chat groups, and where every niche used to have a web forum, now it has a chat group. I'm in groups with my Dutch friends, my nomad friends, my startup friends, people who are indie makers, groups where we discuss relationships etc. Everybody is all about voice is the future but I think text is underrated. Unlike voice, text is private. Writing (in text) is therapeutical as we know from writing diaries. Groups focused on mental well-being like Mindful Makers (M2) work because of text. Whether we like it or not, most of our social life now happens through text. More interesting w.r.t startups is how these communities are shown to be relatively easily monetizable by charging for access. It keeps groups somewhat smaller and private so that people can know the people in it better, instead of a giant public group where people shy away from telling their real thoughts and feelings. I hope to see @joshvoydik expand into also offering paid mental coaching through Telegram chats in sub fields like well-being, relationships and dating, even executive coaching sounds like an interesting market too.
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@levelsio Thanks, Pietz. Thanks for showing me Telegram, and for being a friend.
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I have a lot of love for this community. As a founder, it helps keep me grounded, with conversations covering such a wide spectrum, I’m constantly learning something new. Very genuine, caring people, that want to see each other succeed πŸ’™
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@leandro8209 We are so happy to have you πŸ’›
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@aleks_muse Appreciate you, Aleksandra.
Love you guys. <3
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MM has been the most inspiring and supportive community I've seen online. So many amazing people to meet from all over the world. πŸ™πŸ» One of the most important things for me about the community is (while being makers) we do not focus on work and hustling. As Joshua mentioned, it is about all aspects of life, and there's a huge value in sharing and learning from each other. Congrats on the official launch @joshvoydik πŸ’›
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