UPD' 2019: RealtimeBoard is now called Miro.

Use Mind Map to visualize your thoughts. Brainstorm, plan projects, or take on more complex tasks like building story maps, roadmaps, or journey maps on the endless canvas with all the information in front of you.
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Hello, Product Hunt community! Here at RealtimeBoard, we continuously work to help teams succeed with all their visual collaboration tasks. Thanks to the recent updates, RealtimeBoard now supports an automated process of mind mapping. What makes it more than your average mind map: You don’t need to be a designer to end up with a sleek mind map. – You’ll only need a few shortcuts to get started – Magically auto-arrange the map – Change its size – Choose the theme and colors – Add links to anything And when you’re ready, share: – Invite your team to collaborate – Embed boards to external websites – Cut the board with frames to present them as slides – Export the map in high resolution And don’t forget, this is just one of the awesome things you can do in RealtimeBoard: in addition to your mind map, you can work on user story maps, roadmaps, or journey maps and have a helicopter view on the entire project!
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@annaboyarkina I'll be checking it out in due course, but for now I want to ask if it also supports concept maps?
@jmespge currently it supports mind maps creation it 'automatic' way, but you can create concept map manually. Stay tuned for updates!
@annaboyarkina Is it possible to import mind maps in other formats and have them recreated? I"m currently mind node customer and can export to PDF, Freemind, OPML, Image, Markdown or Text.
@annaboyarkina @chrisdancy1 great question, would be super useful.
Love this! I use mindNode quite a bit--this seems like a natural evolution.
@bitler I would switch and pay TODAY if I could import my OLD mind nodes.
@bitler I just realize I asked this question a year ago and today I found this app again and finally contacted their support.
Guys - you are cool. I think the market will appreciate the new function 😃
@realrus Thank you!
I use RTB religiously and have wanted this feature for quite some time! Super excited to start using this in my workflow 😄
@whoismaxpelzner Max, thank you! Enjoy your new mind mapping tool!

I literally can’t say how much I’m glad that we found this tool. It replaces 3 tools we used before and all of them were nort even close to your quality. Thank you guys! Wish you all the best and please increase amount of extensions.




Interactive kanban board would be a huge benefit. Instead of usinag separate tools, my team could do everything here.