Minbox Notes

Create quick notes, share a link + start collaborating

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I love everything that minbox is doing. Seems so much sleeker, faster, more intuitive but still more versatile that any other similar service. The only thing missing is a mobile app(s)
Sup y'all. This was supposed to be for early access only—still very much in beta. I should have predicted that it'd get posted here ;). We'll likely take this down shortly, so enjoy while it's still up!
@amimran So is it down? I can see the animation.
I agree with J above. Love how it's displayed. There are some similar apps but I like the link share and email invite functionality.
from the website: "You can start writing a note without the need for logging in. Perfect for a meeting or when you're pressed for time." This is currently in early access mode and you can access without logging in. But if you have a Minbox account already, then you can log in at minbox.com with that.
Just clicked to start using it. I like it a lot and it's simplicity is a key factor to its success but how does it differ to the editing tool and collaboration styles you have on Google Docs? Is it made for note taking only? And who would use it? I'm really interested to know because i am looking for an online note-taking platform that i can write what i need to do and cross it off (like on real paper) but weirdly i can't find anything that fits what i need. Now, this is cool and simple but is it simply a note taking platform or more than that? Good luck!
@themelamini yeah I think it's designed for quick super simple note taking, like you could have it as a bookmark if you're in a meeting or something. No need to log into gmail, go to google docs, click new document, click share, set it so that when you're sharing the link the person can edit (change permissions) etc. it seems like quite a competitor to Dropbox notes.