Where you can challenge people to copy you!

Have you ever heard of cinnamon challenge, ice bucket challenge, condom challenge...

Mimic is a place where you can challenge people to copy you in very unique way. Mimic's split screen is giving you a unique and powerful way to show off your skills, create new challenges, challenge people to copy you or simply be creative.

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Hey @dario_trbovic, Can you tell us more about what you've built here and what your favorite aspect is?
@jacqvon Yeah sure Well I realized there are a lot of challenges on the Internet and I realized that people love to copy their idols, at least try to be similar to them, so it struck me. I could create an app where people can actually challenge each other or at least try to copy each other for fun. I made this split screen which is very helpful, screens are close to each other and could be used to blend 2 images into one or just use it for fun and swipe left and right to see how other people tried to copy what you posted. For example skateboarders could challenge other skateboarders to copy their flips, make-up artist can challenge girls to try to copy their make-up... It doesn't necessary have to be a challenge, you could post funny selfie and laugh at others who are trying to copy you
Mesmerized by this creepy icon
@jydesign why creepy hahaha