A bot that learns to impersonate folks in your Slack

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The little ghost is giving me flashbacks of Ghost House in Super Mario World.
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@rrhoover Totally thought the same thing. KEEP LOOKING AT IT! 👻
@rrhoover That animation is quite magical. 🔮
@rrhoover Or even more because the ghost is sucking in the letters... Kirby.
I love the idea (and the mascot), but the terms of service are a little problematic. Obviously a Markov bot or similar needs to read and store channel content to construct its chains, but it looks like they're using a boilerplate Terms of Service and privacy policy, and it's very open in terms of what they're able to do with the contents of your Slack. One of our developer teams added this today, then read the TOS and noped right out. A very specific "we'll only ever use your slack logs for putting stuff back into your Slack" promise would go a long way.
@mendel thanks for checking it out! Totally hear you on the TOS. It definitely isn’t our intention to do mischievous things with your data. We’ve updated the terms to be super clear! http://mimic.chat/terms-of-use.html
@ryankee So much better, thanks!
Haha sooooo easy to mimic @andrewett Post link to tweet, say nothing. Post link to another tweet (unrelated to previous), say nothing. Done
The mascot reminds me Baymax