Shake to instantly meet community members near you

It's always a great experience meeting a fellow hunter IRL. But it doesn't happen very often and we have to wait for meetups to be organized in our cities. So we decided to build something that makes it super easy to meet hunters near you for spontaneous meetups.

Caution : Onboarding process is a little long for a reason. Please don't give up🙈

  • Aarav Kapoor
    Aarav KapoorReinventing social.

    Love the shake and meet feature and meeting people whenever you are free.


    On-boarding is too long but eventually it makes sense when you see automatic groups are created basis the information.

    There is definitely a need for such a product in the market and if it reaches the right audiences, I have a feeling it will do extremely well especially for people like me who do not like planned meetups. Good luck! I will be following the product closely and hopefully get a chance to meet some of you guys soon.

    Aarav Kapoor has used this product for one day.
  • Jaydev Ajit Kumar
    Jaydev Ajit KumarCo-founder, Hype

    - Clean UI

    - Find people and communities around you

    - Shake to meet is as simple as it gets


    - Network effect challenges for a new social app

    Milo has perfected the experience of connecting you with others in your community. I dislike going to the gym alone, but i can see how Milo can help me create my own crew on the fly. Looking forward to see Milo's evolution.

    Jaydev Ajit Kumar has used this product for one day.
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Ramnath Shenoy
Ramnath ShenoyMaker@ramnath_shenoy · Product & Growth, Milo
More than 2 years ago, we launched 'Glynk', a platform to connect like-minded people across the globe. Though it has great levels of engagement, most users (especially women) have often complained of discomfort in meeting total strangers on an app and they eventually leave. This despite putting strict privacy and authenticity measures in place. As we dug deeper and spoke to our users, most of them pointed at the lack of trust. After much thought and interaction with our users, we figured that closed communities had a characteristic of implicit trust but people remained quite disconnected. That's how Milo happened - an app to bring members in closed communities, closer. Disclaimer (🙈): We have a deliberately long onboarding process that is used to create an experience based on the commonalities. Features: 👑Rich member directory with filters that will help you look for community members by hometown, college, workplace in addition to interests. 👋Automatically created group chats based on your profile info. 👌Spontaneous meetups: Got some free time? 🧐Shake your phone📱 Meet a community member😻 I've created a community for the Product Hunt community. Please try the app and give your valuable feedback. I will be around the whole day to answer your questions. Use community code: PRODUCTHUNT
Bruce Bolton
Bruce Bolton@brucebolton · Founder, CourseBuffet
@ramnath_shenoy downloaded, but I need an invite to access.
Ramnath Shenoy
Ramnath ShenoyMaker@ramnath_shenoy · Product & Growth, Milo
@brucebolton Hey Bruce! Use the community code: PRODUCTHUNT to join.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Ooooo, this is fun. Curious to see how people use this and if you meet a fellow Product Hunt community member IRL through this app, send pics! 😃
Natarajan H K
Natarajan H KMaker@natarajanhk
Ha ha! Thanks @rrhoover. We would love that too 🙂
Well crafted product. Hopefully network effect catches up! Not sure how many people will be okay to share their location publicly to chat/talk in real time personally. Only application which has overcome this problem is tinder, but then reason behind that is a strong one too.
Natarajan H K
Natarajan H KMaker@natarajanhk
@avneesh83752241 thanks for trying Milo. Milo is a closed community platform, accessible only to the members of the community. Communities are either location based or distributed. Location coordinates are used only in the case of distributed communities. Since precise location is never shared, this has never been raised as a concern so far. Also, early usage patterns indicate that users are generally very comfortable sharing profile information with others in the community.
Ayushi Pareek
Ayushi Pareek@ayushi_pareek1
I liked the idea and the product looks clean and works really well. There are two things I was wondering about though. First, the list of activities is limited, I might want to do something completely different than one of these so maybe an option to customize or add activities can work better? Also, the groups that were created were really good but is there a way for me to add my own network to one of them or a way for me to create a personal group?
Ramnath Shenoy
Ramnath ShenoyMaker@ramnath_shenoy · Product & Growth, Milo
@ayushi_pareek1 Thanks Ayushi! Activities are based on some user surveys that we did. We would like to add/remove activities based on feedback. We would also like to give the controls to the community managers to add the activities of their choice. Creating your own groups is on top of our list and is coming up next 🚀
Thomas Leitermann
Thomas Leitermann@thomasleiterman · Product Manager, inovex
Interesting concept, but I stopped during onboarding for a number of reasons: - Requiring notifications on start-up: 🚫 🙈 - Facebook powered verification: don't want to have to give my phone number to fb - Lots of personal details without any idea about the value thats in it for me (not the information, but the whole app in general) - Veryy eery wording on the gender question 🙊 (and only two options - we're don't live in the 1800s anymore! - Even though I joined the PH community, the interests shown seem to be all those available, I'd at least expected to have interests matching to those of the PH community up top (and not having to scroll through "beachvolleyball" and the likes) Stopped right there and deleted the app... Willing to try again, if onboarding is fixed - I'd suggest taking a long deep look at (or hiring Samuel directly). The idea seems nice though and the pivot to have a "community home" for an existing online community makes sense to me and is appealing for the PH community IMO.
Ramnath Shenoy
Ramnath ShenoyMaker@ramnath_shenoy · Product & Growth, Milo
I am total with you on that @thomasleiterman ! We will correct the errors you pointed out in the very next update. The onboarding is long but it was a conscious call. We have been big fans of and have been watching his teardowns for a few years now. We have incorporated a lot of it in our open community version, Glynk, which has a super fast sign up experience (with skip option) as every additional step in onboarding leads to more than 10% drop. User behavior and initial feedback suggest that people are quite comfortable giving this information in closed communities (5000 users over 10 communities and we have seen <1% drop). Having said this, we will definitely take another look at onboarding :) I will reach out to you once we have the changes ready. Thank you so much for taking the time to send in such detailed feedback.