Million Mile Light

Motion powered safety light for runners

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This seems like a really cool product! I like that there's a purpose behind the design and helps a huge group of people (runners) stay safe. And I think there are lots of ways it can be monetized with branded lights. Hopefully there'll be a diving version of the light sometime in the future too :p
Like everything I design & make, I do it with devotion, but this project has been a labour of love because I am a runner. I was simply inspired to make a light that a) used the power of my motion to keep me safe - as in, really bright b) was totally non-encumerbing so you wouldn't feel it c) looked cool enough that you'd actually want to wear it d) lasted for flippin' ever so it never needed replacing. I am proud to say I have done that with the Million Mile Light and am thrilled to have got it to Kickstarter in such great shape. It's not a concept product, it has been totally production engineered and tested and is queued up ready for manufacture. This is exciting but we need your support! Feel free to ask me any questions about the product here :) If you run you will love it.
You know, as cool as it is for the community for performance apparel companies to acquire MyFitnessPal and Runtastic (UnderArmour, Adidas) it's interesting that they have haven't gone after these kind of core features with the same gusto. It boggles the mind that the these shirts don't solve for safety- running shirts don't have embedded lights, and cycling kit don't have a turn signal baked in. Nice to see someone working on those kinds of improvements.
Awesome idea and super simple.
Very nice. Design looks great - clipping on to the water belt or waist belt that I already wear is nice. Love the idea that my own movement powers the light as well. Hope this sees the light of day!
@jameskoole Thanks James - so do I. The best verification I seem to get is when someone says - why doesn't that exist already? This is certainly one of those.