Million Dollar Collar

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Gotta admit, sewing up a shirt is a big barrier. Im a big fan of wurkin stiffs. More expensive but no hassle.
@christiancooper agreed that is a barrier. But this is solving a totally different problem to wurkin stiffs. Wurkin are collar stays, and if you have a look at their video demonstrating the product ( ) you'll see that his placket is still limp after he installs it
One of the big factors in which shirts I buy is what you're trying to address: I want a collar that doesn't just flop down. I'm not too afraid of some sewing generally, but would not like sewing up my just new bought shirt. If I can't do it myself, I'd have a professional do it and then let them use whatever they want anyway. You've got yourself a problem there. PS: the scroll hijacking on your site made me not want to spend much more time there to figure out if I couldn't make it work some how.
@jaaprood Thanks for the comments! Inventing this product did present some challenges, as would anything new. Trust me, we looked at every possible option, and this one has the best result. Most dry cleaners do alterations and any tailor can do this in less than 10 minutes. Sorry, not sure what "scroll hijacking" is.
I confess to owning a mostly unused but quite modern sewing machine. On another note, if I wore button down shirts ever, this would happen. Since my husband wears them daily, this is happening. And the tailor will be doing the "install," obs.
Just button up that 2nd last button, should be at least $700,000, if not a million.
I think they're missing an opportunity here - send customers a shipping box, they send it back to you and the the company stitches in their product and ships it back to you. They could charge a premium for the service, and avoid any of the "i need a showing machine" blowback. Alternatively, partner with local dry cleaners and have this product as a natural upsell at the point of sale. People are already dry cleaning their shirts, why not led dry cleaners upsell this service at the same time!
@benjamineevans good suggestions
@benjamineevans Thanks for the suggestion. We're building a network of dry-cleaners we'd recommend, but just about any can do it, and they are everywhere. Do you think anyone would pay $30 and have their shirt gone for 2-3 weeks sending it to us, when they can go to the dry-cleaner on the corner for $10 and have it back in a week?